Brushes from China. Set Beauty 5pcs Coffe Jessup Professional Makeup Brushes Set


Lately I’ve noticed a lot of posts about brushes Chinese brands. On the recommendation of one of the Polish bloggers I bought a brush set Beauty 5pcs Coffe Jessup Professional Makeup Brushes Set. In this post I want to talk about their impressions of familiarity. My experience was not entirely negative, but clearly positive it is not.

The set on promophoto. Brushes then flattered, no snow-white pile, not a perfect production in reality of course, no

General characteristics of the set: 5 brushes, 3 natural from goats, 2 from reed sanitychecks of the pile. Came brush Packed in a padded envelope with bubble Vyselki. The large round brushes were in plastic covers, which took their order. Protective grids in the complete set was not. All the brushes with thick black plastic handles (the manufacturer says — acrylic), they are embossed using the brush number and brand name. The handle end of a blunt cut, which brush can be supplied. Stitched enough quality, nothing is loose. The natural of the pile was a very pronounced characteristic animal odor, and this odor is almost eroded and a half months, but after washing I still feel slight smell.

To describe the separate brushes will order as I liked them from best to worst.

1) Cheek Brush 05.

Length 16.5 cm hair 4.5 cm Perfect powder brush, which I don’t have just a single question. She is the best set if all the brushes would be of a quality such as to say it would be all about.

Compared to Inglot 15BJFIN the brush Jessup feels 2 times more cloth. It is more elastic, but the pile is more rigid, there is no “down” feeling of the brush

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Big, fluffy, soft and springy at the same time.

Pile natural white (how animal fur can be white). Rounded base and hairs nearly the same length.

Deals dust a light mist directly on a large surface that works equally well with pressed and loose products perfectly loosens overly dense pressed powder, gaining the thinnest veil of powder. Not prickly, not climbing, the hairs on ablatives. Dries to such a large brush is amazingly fast. A wonderful brush.

Rating 5.

2) Foundation Brush 01.

Length of 15.3 cm, 2.8 cm Ligulate lint brush for tone. Flat synthetic hair shorn cascading layers in the form of a pointed semi-circle.

Oblique hair shorn unevenly, especially when it is moist. I was the most skeptical against this brush when I saw that twisted the tip. But, absolutely nothing. The first impression was deceptive.

Cut crooked and askew, bundles lie as they please.

Despite some unpresentable brush, it is very good. Dense, creamy, plastic, silicone, fluid texture, waxy concealers, pigmented corrective creams this brush anything.

It has a very thin elastic pile, which is very carefully and discreetly distributes cream products on the face, great job on the wings of the nose, corners of the eyes. It is possible to apply a toner without strips “stamp down” the concealer under the eyes, strengthen the disguise in places that require double coating. The product not eating a gallon, it arrived. Brush larger, more flexible, softer and “meaty” reed brushes Real Techniques.

Score 4 large +

3) Bronzer brush 04.

Little synthetic reed brush. Has the same problem with the orientation of the pile in that space and the larger (read, obliquely cut). Brush length 17 cm, hair length and 1.7.

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The pile is thick, soft and elastic. Bronzini I don’t use, so this brush I have used for a highlighter. It is quite small, so it can be worked out restricted areas.

The softness of the pile there is a dubious advantage, because a well-typed to her fairly loose products. If the product is compressed, the brush is very poorly gaining it, and more than just glides across the surface, collecting the microscopic particles.

Rating 4-

4) Cream foundation brush 03.

A small fluffy brush. Dlana 14,8 cm, pile length of 2.5. I don’t know why it was credited in the brush for cream Foundation because that’s where it does well I won’t lie down. Cream food eating in excessive doses, a small pile of fluff, tools, polishes, and smeared bands.

So I use it for blush. Here’s a baked blush and slabomineralizovannaja she’s doing great, especially with dense and dry. It miraculously loosens dense foods and residue gaining little for themselves and then passes on the skin.

Pigmented blush it cause do not try, because it gets a stain, and weakly radiating pigment — perfect. Rack up enough and shade in the haze. But the build quality of this brush have questions — she climbs the pile and breaks off. This is not yet critical, but every time consistently a couple of hairs there.

Assessment 3

5) Shade brush 06

And the last brush, for which, in fact, taken the entire set. Length 15,8 cm, pile length is 3.1. Everything is simple — it came defective. The pile is more elastic than the first powdery, white painted houses in the form of a ball, I really wanted exactly this, to have a good techeval mineral powder base rounded (it was before I pressed, to stabilize the pile).

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First, fell out a few hairs, then a little more, and then the brush began a massive velosaped and enjoy it became impossible. I’m a little pressed the Ferula, but it also did not help, only made the brush more tapered.

Slightly ruffled brush it with a new power of fell, a sad spectacle.

The brush is unusable. Evaluation 1.

The kit pricein the official store $14.92

Rating the kit: overall, of 5 brushes completely satisfied just 2, assessment 3

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