Burnet extract, wild radish, Icelandic water: 16 tools that will eliminates the fat Shine

Radiance is fine if we are talking about your hair, lips or eyes. However, the Shine in the T-zone is no one decorated. To cope with it (and at the same time and disguise enlarged pores) will help mattifying creams, fluids, primers, spray tonics and other means from our selection.

Mattifying Face wipes Controle, “L’etoile” (201 rubles)

Mattifying Face wipes Controle will save you in a particularly hot or exciting situations and quickly removes Shine from the skin due to a special covering with talc. They are pleasant to the touch, plus absolutely no smell. The only but: each pad is so small that for all T-zones, you may need three or four pieces, so economical to call them is hardly possible.

Sunscreen cream for oily and combination skin Secret Actif Matifiant, Eisenberg (3 949 rubles)

Many products for skin care products clog the pores and, as a consequence, lead to occurrence of oily sheen. This miracle fluid with a velvety texture thanks to the biotechnological mattifying substances will rescue from the effect of fatty pancake and thoroughly moisturize the skin with… you guessed right — hyaluronic acid. Includes essential oils of lemon and orange, softening and brightening the skin, and UVA/UVB filters that never will not be superfluous.

Primer All Hours Primer, Yves Saint Laurent (3 953 rubles)

Makeup artists love this makeup base. It helps your Macau to stay in office as long as possible. Another reason to add to your summer beauty Arsenal bestseller Yves Saint Laurent is its great mattifying abilities. Contains perlite absorbs excess sebum. When applying the primer reduces pores and gives smooth skin.

Mattifying fluid for face, Pion, L’occitane (3 900 rubles)

Put the heavy cream until winter, and you better try this mattifying fluid for face with a gentle and fresh texture. It is absorbed almost instantly, after which the skin becomes matte and smooth, and moist — all signs of health are obvious, as they say. Can not to mention comfortable with it and incredible scent of peony.

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Mattifying cream “Sarazin”, Librederm (390 rubles)

Cream Librederm solves the problem of oily Shine on the vine, and it adjusts the sebaceous glands, not allowing to allocate an excessive amount of sebum. In the composition — extracts of agrimony and wild radish, hydroxy acid and zinc salt (all this is beautifully referred to as “balancing the complex of new generation”), as well as sulfur, which has antibacterial effect. Absorbs quickly, after a couple of minutes after application can already be painted, but a specific smell (aroma of pharmacy).

The Vinosource matifying fluid, Caudalie (2 595 rubles)

Pride brand Caudalie is almost entirely natural compounds beauty products. Here Vinosource matifying fluid on 92 percent consists of components of natural origin, the main of which are — grape water, rich in antioxidants (it, by the way, it is possible to buy separately), vinodrai, extracts of the leaves of Java tea and Flaxseed powder. Fluid beats simultaneously on two fronts: moisturizes and mattes. You can be sure that he will survive more than one hot month.

Cream for reducing pore Pore Pure, Skyn Iceland (2 599 rubles)

This cream surprised us by its composition — unlike others like him, there is no silicone. But there are a lot of herbal ingredients: extracts of white willow bark, roses, seeds, argan and sesame seeds (they reduce sebum production by 46 percent), as well as proprietary Icelandic complex with glacial water, Northern berries and oxygen liposomes. Effect as from zaluzani in Facetune — pores by this means at once fade and flatten. The product should be used twice: in the morning instead of a primer and in the evening before applying moisturizer.

Moisturizing mattifying fluid Active Pureness Comfort Zone (3 980 rubles)

This moisturizing fluid for oily and acne-prone skin is consistently in the ratings of most-most. A unique combination of vitamin C and matte components make it not only an ideal moisturizing product, but also a great base for makeup. Fluid is good and in the struggle with enlarged pores — you can use it on their own, and to heighten the effect, in tandem with the gel cleanser and cleansing mask from the same series.

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Matting spray-tonic, Serozinc, La Roche-Posay (616 rubles)

New from La Roche-Posay, which received wide recognition among European and Asian beauty bloggers, recently available in Russia. Serozinc is a brief composition: water, sulphate of zinc and common salt. Despite the seemingly simple ingredients, actually works (it simultaneously refreshes and mattifies and soothes the skin), and by its effectiveness should not be equated with conventional thermal water. The spray is ideal as a tonic to owners of oily problem skin for the summer. It slightly dries the fresh inflammation and in the healing stage disappear a little faster. When applied on the skin does not remain also a hint of Shine and radiance.

Metamorphoses mattifying Foundation, Rouge Bunny Rouge (3 920 rubles)

Light as a feather, the texture of this mattifying primer miraculously gives your skin a velvet matte finish (this is its main and, one might say, the only feature). Metamorphosis creates the formula, enriched with active ingredients including white oil limantas, allantoin and vitamin E. Have the means and doopsie to increase the staying power of your lipstick or eye shadow, it can be applied on lips and eyelids.


Lightweight moisturizer, tightens pores, Daily Moisture, SkinCeuticals (5 077 rubles)

The cream SkinCeuticals very decent: a lot of plant extracts in high concentration (e.g., extracts of Burnet, cinnamon and ginger reduce the pore size by eight percent in 15 minutes after the first application), vitamins a, E, B5, Brazilian algae and allantoin. Texture it is lightweight, not sticky and resembles thick milk. But before you not classic day cream for moisturizing combination skin, and now a multifunctional tool that will make the skin velvety as a baby, as well as in the two accounts will cope with enlarged pores and oily Shine.

Cleansing gel for washing “the Infinite freshness”, L’oreal Paris (285 rubles)

Find the perfect cleanser for those with oily and combination skin — it is a real adventure. After all, it must be soft (careful to remove make-up), leaving a feeling of comfort and freshness, and to deal treacherously with a greasy luster. All these responsibilities perfectly fulfills the gel from the series “Infinite freshness”, L’oreal Paris, with rose and Lotus. You can be sure the pores will be deeply cleansed and the skin becomes matte and clean.

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Sebo-regulating concentrate Purete Intense Marine, Thalgo (2 655 rubles)

A set of vials with the concentrate Purete Marine Intense period of seven days (seven ampoules 1.2 ml). Its creators promise, it’s just a week, the concentrate will restore balance of the skin. Such effects have been made possible thanks to the extracts of the algae fucus and lilac, they block the formation of secret sebocyte, reducing seborrhea and normalizing seboregulating. Admiring netizens claim that even the most troubled skin will be transformed, and the complexion will become smoother.

Corrective care against skin imperfections Normaderm, Vichy (1 141 rubles)

The biggest misconception is that oily skin need not moisturize. Yes, you do! Corrective care against skin imperfections Normaderm is just doing it. Of course, part of this care is Vichy thermal Spa water, as in all vehicles of the brand, but the main discovery is salicylic acid. The cream is hypoallergenic, and are non-comedogenic and suitable for even very sensitive skin. As a nice bonus it fights with enlarged pores and dull complexion.

Face cream matting and elixir Bamboo Matte, Erborian (1 990 rubles and 3 600 rubles)

This sweet couple gives a flawless matte skin (and for a long time — until the middle of the day you just do not want to take up the powder). There is in the bamboo (it has long been used in Korea for moisturizing the skin), which tightens pores, removes impurities and oily Shine and improves the complexion overall. Serum (three drops) apply to face morning and evening, and the cream immediately after — as a base under Foundation or instead of a day cream.

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