Buxom Full-On Lip Cream #Dolly

A post about my favourite summer lip gloss)

Generally I’m a fan of matte long-lasting lipsticks, but by the end of spring, I went on a bit. He remembered the youth, probably 🙂 10 Years ago I used them every day, but then abruptly stopped. Stickiness, climbing hair, rolling on the mucosa, nasty white stripe and the imprint of everywhere not really contributed to our love) But time goes by and I decided to give glitter another chance. Not for nothing)

The product is Packed in a cardboard box, made in the style of newspaper headlines well, I have such Association.

The case is made of matte plastic with a glossy label and cap. Do not scratch and is not erased. When I took the photo, we were surprised the stripes on the tube, but it’s not scratched)

The volume is 4.2 ml. shelf Life after opening is 12 months.

The sponge is fluffy oblique. Very convenient for me. The limiter works 🙂 Product gives exactly one lip.

The texture of the gloss is thick and viscous, and falls well uniformly.

Smell — a pleasant caramel)

I chose one of the most versatile shades – Dolly. Nice translucent pink shade with a strong Shine. Of course, the final option depends on the native pigment of the lips. No shimmer, but the brand has a separate line of glitter with the same name and sequins)

TX for a wonderful Shine – it’s not going in the folds, does not spread over the contour, does not roll in nasty white stripes quite a bit because my skin is dry. That is lip to each other and not stick, but with the hair down in windy weather resemble.

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On the photo shown as is the Shine on the lips is not in the best condition – he is is not even dry areas. I watched reviews on other shades – not all are so good, some plesivec, especially hard razbelennye.

Effect of filler properties on top! The skin on my lips is prone to dryness and requires constant care life is not sweet without the balm at night on a daily basis. The effect of it for me like some carmex in terms of food and eliminate dryness. But cracks some carmex, of course, saves better) on the Lips after the gloss is very soft and tender.

Vitality, I think, is standard for the glitter – a couple of hours talking and snacking, while after 1.5-2 hours if absorbed into the lips, leaving a slight tint and gloss. No food or drink stays on the lips longer) of Course, imprinted on all.

Another similarity with Karmakam – tingling lips. For me, this chill is very nice, especially in the heat. If you are sensitive to this and do not like like the feeling of Carmensa, it is best to avoid these glitter party. A chill is felt all the time until the gloss is on the lips. Of course, over time the intensity is reduced, but not completely. Takes place after removing makeup or food.

The effect of the increase in lip I myself don’t notice) But after the Shine my implicit loop looks a bit sharper.

I was pleased with the Shine – very often use them this summer for 2 months I have left about a quarter) He is caring, gives my pale lips a gorgeous shade and gloss. For me this is a great option for a light makeup and bright eyes.

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Rating: 5+, hand it extends to most of the rest)

Price: 12.5 pounds (15 to tax), around 1000-1100 RUB at the current rate.

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