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Buxom, I wanted to try for a long time, he interested me more stories about the great power of menthol in it (love those things) and then I tried the thumbnail and the most difficult part was the color selection. I chose color #Rose Julep (make blue and mint — I even think I will take both!).

Bottle in a cardboard box with a pretty recognizable graphics, I liked it.

For those interested, the composition.

The bottle is frosted plastic with a shiny cover, secure and very large. In comparison with the standard lime Crime lipsticks so do Gulliver.

Recently he tiny.

Of glitter on it, too little to lipstick, even a thin layer several times to dip it into the vial.

The smell is sweet, cloying, like the smell of Clarins Eclat Minute Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, but not as Intrusive. The perfektor I use not so often because of the smell, here do not feel discomfort. Taste is also there — there meltology chill and bitterness in the aftertaste, but only from the freshly applied Shine after 20-30 minutes I cease to feel it.

The color I missed. I was expecting pink, but a little dusty, plum, and here is a pink-red color. In the bottle it looks lighter and colder, here he is closer to the color that I see in reality.

Thick, slightly feels sticky, lays down a smooth layer so that the camera can’t catch the focus.

(sic!) At first.

But after 20-30 minutes, the same Swatch looks like. That is, the gloss is committed in folds.

The gloss is very much the “mentalit”. When compared with the Maximizer, it’s just a fire on the lips. Moreover, it will last almost all the time until the gloss on the lips, the intensity is reduced after about an hour, but still he will continue to mentality and do it very intensively. Even if you have a miniature Buxom, life still did not prepare you to use its full-sized! Because pornoresursy sponge still applied for the most amount of sparkle. I even thought crept in that in the cold season it will be that much, but it used to.)

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I love this effect, love it, but for some it can be traumatic.

A thin layer in the brilliance is almost not visible flowing even at the macro and the color looks better — light pink, without obvious redness. Uneven — it starts to get dark lips.

And here is artificial light, therefore no color, but you can see just how to the skin of the lips begins to pour blood. By the way, due to this effect, my lips become darker, and quite significantly, notice.

I love to wear means fatter, with a thick layer, and here the flow becomes obvious. In reality, they can consider me, but still do not notice other (interviewed))). Here a couple of layers.

And here I have added Shine.

The glass on his lips and plumpers. The effect of glass and smoothed the relief lasts long. It took half an hour (and the sun went behind the clouds). On the lips is still a lot of glitter, but if you pay attention to the highlight, it is noticeable that he became less smooth and rounded. Perhaps due to the fact that the lips were a little swollen because my exactly little, but swollen. Dumplings will not, even you yourself will doubt whether there is such effect, but, in my opinion, it is, though just noticeable.

Here I erased the sparkle, lips without a smile, but it is clear that they are almost out of relief, only superficial.

Care is present. For example, last night I was too lazy to go into the bag balm, I smeared on the lips Buxom. Five hours later I woke up with a little sticky, but plumped and hydrated lips.

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But if you have a wound, newly healed cracks or just emerging, strong peeling — forget. With the intensity of the impact it will corrode them.

If your lips have a strong tendency to dry — be careful. From one application do not, the lip will become even better from two days of socks also OK, but I noticed that if I wear glitter on my lips a week constantly, don’t have the balm, they begin to dry in the evenings. I think it’s from constant irritation to the lips, which, somehow, unwholesome by itself thing. In General, I personally use, not getting out at all, you can’t.

Despite the fact that the color was not what I had planned, I very often wear gloss, just mix it with other lip products, I like the effect, and MetroWest on the lips is maintained,

Oh, and finally on me.

Price: â £ 15 with no discounts.

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