By Terry Tool-Expert Kabuki Brush – Kabuki Brush from Terry

I bring to your attention the review of the Kabuki brush by Terry from the collection of 2017.

Hello there!

In today’s post I want to tell you about the By Terry Kabuki Brush, Kabuki brush, released in 2017 and is still being sold, and which is included in the permanent line of the brand. This information is for those who wish to buy my favorite.

Brush made of synthetic bristles (taklon) and is intended for use with dry products. The brush is quite densely Packed, slice it round. Placed in a metal case securely closed until you hear a click, the lid is tight and not loose. Is insanely soft and tender pile. The brush is very nice to drive in the face, she’s not prickly. Plus, the brush is good, it doesn’t shed and not pouchitsa after washing. The brush you see in the photo, was purchased immediately after starting in 2017. You can see for yourself that the brush is well made and worth every penny, and will serve you faithfully not one year.

In the closed state, the brush is convenient for transportation and daily shaking in the bag, its really convenient to take with you. She did not need any additional case, metal case perfectly retains the form of the pile, and protects from contamination.

In the extended state.

Twists not completely, but cover will not dent the pile, as the cover longer.

It’s still hard to photograph the brush. It’s clean 🙂

I specifically was looking for a brush in the case, not to carry in the purse open brush. Even if the clean brush in case this is happening, what was going on when she hangs out with lipsticks, balms, hand creams.

The entire pile is assembled tightly, and the same size.

Status of brush for two years has not changed, and she hasn’t lost a single hair!

I do not plan to.

The brush is soft and not shkryabaet product leaving it in its original form.

Color 100% radnica, not leaving himself. She applies powder very evenly.

In terms of using this brush is quite versatile: it is suitable for applying and blending bronzer, blush, highlighter or finishing powder. I carry it with me every day and fix your makeup during the day, first going through matting napkins to remove excess sebum (as I traversed the powder on the face with oily stains, little use, and will make it worse. Dust will have more in the end result will be cakey. Plus it is just unsanitary, Yes, Hello, acne). After matting napkins will pass the powder, matting or locking.

Brush by Terry, combines the fine quality, nice design and very cheap price, considering that the brush I use every day and this is not a one-time purchase. I am very pleased with this purchase, Kabuki by Terry pleases me from the day of purchase.

Thank you, that was with me


As you brush? Do you use the retractable brush?

40€цена10/10оценка2 year, 2P/danapalooza skin Type: Combination skin, without any problems

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