Byzantium Tesori d’oriente

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Today, talk about a cheap but a very decent fragrance from the Italian brand Tesori d’oriente, which really surprised me.

Byzantium Tesori d’oriente,a fragrance for men and women, the group of Oriental floral created in 2016.

Top notes: cinnamon, almond and Mimosa

Middle notes: black rose, heliotrope, honey and labdanum

Base notes: vanilla, white musk, Oud, Peru balsam and cocoa.

Work at the powder factory. Dense and full-bodied flavor powder, vanilla and dry cocoa powder. And all this flooded with sweet resins. I hear there is a characteristic note of rose. If there are roses, then they are embossed on the surface of compact powder. Can’t catch the floral notes in the composition. Cinnamon rolls — eat, roasted almonds in honey — cherry in powdered sugar is sweet marzipan bars — there. But it is not a pastry shop. Axis and the base composition — powdery note. Therefore, the aroma, the presence of such “sweet” music, sounds dry and not turns into a sweet sugar syrup. Not cloying gurmanika.

Resistant with beautiful powdery trail.

February is his time. When it has accumulated to the brim tired of winter and gray sky, Byzantium is a great antidepressant.

Aluminum bottle, themed in the style of Byzantine mosaics.

The fragrance is available in a concentration of Eau de Toilette and 100 ml

Price: 400 rubles, but at different Internet shops there are discounts and you can buy even cheaper.

Perfume shower gel Byzantium Tesori d’oriente.

Package: normal tube with hinged cover, of medium-soft plastic. There is a holder in the form of a plastic “loop”. Consistency: transparent, liquid gel.


Foams well ( can be used as bubble bath), your skin does not dry. Quite an ordinary shower gel. The most important thing in it — flavor. He repeats perfume Byzantium and after a bath keeps the skin for some time. And even if you go to the bathroom half an hour later after bathing, then in the air the smell of this gel.

Country of origin: Italy

Price: 250 rubles

Volume: 250 ml, but at different Internet shops there are discounts and you can buy even cheaper

Term test: a month

The flavor is more than the price at which it is sold. It’s true. In this price range is simply a magical gift. Similar flavors are among the Montale, but absolutely for other money. Budget fragrance without poisonous himonya notes. The shower gel is a good addition to the flavor and together they make a wonderful gift set.

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