Cactus: comparing full-sized brush Baleo and road versions Barbora each other and with the Tangle Teezer

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Today I’ll tell you about the new addition to our daughter common collection of plastic combs (now 6), and also compares two of the Cactus not only among themselves but also with the famous Tangle Teaser.

Both combs are Packed in a transparent box of thick plastic with an attractive holographic design. I had not thrown them away, left for storage and transportation.

The Bulgarian brand Cactus produces (in China) two kinds of plastic combs: a large version with a handle, and tiny — without a handle but with cover. Each species is represented in 7 colors. I have Royal Purple.

According to the information from the box, brush Cactus can boast:

  • ionizing tourmaline coating for silky smoothness and Shine of the hair;
  • innovative high-tech material that eliminates hair breakage;
  • antistatic and antiseptic components;
  • ergonomic design (for right-handers and left-handers);
  • coating with UV protection from fading.

Compact version additionally equipped with:

  • handy magnetic lid.

Both versions have 3 levels of bristles for excellent combing and untangling even the most thick, long and unruly hair.

Used with my daughter. Both hair not colored, thin, of medium thickness, straight. Myself I used a brush mainly for brushing, to daughter, to comb for untangling and for hairstyles.

1. Cactus Bleo Tourmaline The Ultimate Detangling Hairbrush

Bleo is the full-sized versions of the brushes, with handle. Brush is made of very high quality. I am in awe of all its external characteristics and combinations of colors and quality of materials and precision of Assembly of the elements, and simplicity of detail, and impeccable treatment of the teeth.

The combination of glossy and matte plastic is not only beautiful but also practical — the brush firmly in the hand, does not slip even from wet hands.

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The teeth (23 mm, 19 mm and 16 mm) – perfectly flat, perfectly smooth, perfectly rounded at the ends. Due to three levels of brush works really quickly and painlessly detangles. Useful for my hair is shoulder-length, and for my daughter’s down to her waist. Baleo not only fine combing (to the head) our medium thickness hair, but also has a stock length of teeth for the lucky owners of a thicker (and/or curly) hair.

Use to dry hair and wet. The brush is easy to clean. The manufacturer warns that with a dryer brush can not be used!

2. Cactus Barbora Tourmaline The Ultimate Detangling Hairbrush

This is a compact version of a Cactus, with a lid. The same flawless performance! Both brushes are incredibly nice to hold in hands.

The manufacturer really tried to to the consumer the product came in perfect condition. Despite the presence of strong boxes the bottom of the combs are protected by film. Even the skinning process laid out — you will not scratch the brush and not ruin the manicure — the film has a valve 🙂

Removed the film “the fly did not sit” 🙂

Brush cover mounted on the magnet. Holds tight, does not open spontaneously.

Brush miniature — a little more hands.

Teeth road version Barbora also arranged in three rows, with the same frequency as that of a full-size Bale, but their height is much less than 13 mm, 10 mm and 7 mm (Baleo, recall, 23 mm, 19 mm and 16 mm).

Baby is good, in order to smooth rastrepina in the path of the hair to make them Shine (Yes, Cacti do!), with its help, you can even assemble the tail or to make another simple hairstyle, but with very tangled hair, her deal will be difficult due to the small length of the teeth.

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But this is perfect for children’s hair. Especially for first hairstyles girls years 2-3. Well remember what at this age, thin and constantly messy hair. When my daughter was little, we easily passed the stage of complete denial style, thanks to the gentle Tangle Teaser, but the brush Cactus Barbora for these purposes even better as its teeth are shorter and less acute.

Cactus Bleo Cactus and Barbora

Bleo is superior Barbora in size not only due to the presence of the handle, but even the “prichesyvaniya” part of it more.

The same frequency of teeth:

An obvious difference in the length of the teeth equal to the thickness:

Form of combs ergonomic. Due to the sophisticated beveled both versions are equally comfortable to hold and the left and right hand.

Cactus and Tangle Teezer

C Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Hairbrush Paddle Half I compare Cactus Baleo only in terms of dimensions, otherwise they have nothing in common: neither in the appointment (Paddle should be utilised for styling hair dryer) or in the size and rigidity of the teeth.

With the Tangle Teezer and The Original Tangle Teezer Magic Flowerpot, which we loved, and for many years of regular use had turned “do-see-at-that” :-), brushes Cactus a lot in common, but many differences.


  • plastic, flexible bristles and a specific sound when brushed with a plastic brush;
  • ergonomic shape;
  • quickly and gently detangling hair, even wet;
  • and Tangle Teezer, and Cactus can electrify your hair. We have this is rare — for example, immediately after putting on hats or sweaters through the throat. In other cases, the hair is not electrified.
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The differences:

  • the range of shapes and colors from Tangle Teezer is now much more than Cactus;
  • the quality of materials and workmanship is much higher in Cactus (purple Tangle Teezer brush with the purchase of the two halves of the brushes against each other is not uniform. But the two pink brushes, in spite of the absence of defects, does not seem as “sturdy” as the Cactuses);
  • 2 rows of teeth have a Tangle Teezer and 3 rows from Cactus (the difference in the process of brushing is not noticed, but I’m guessing that due to the presence of the intermediate row at the Cactus its long teeth will be less susceptible to deformation than the Tangle Teezer);
  • the height of the teeth of Tangle Teezer The Original — 18 mm and 7 mm, Cactus Baleo — 23 mm, 19 mm and 16 mm, Barbora Cactus — 13 mm, 10 mm and 7 mm (and here it is fundamentally: I missed the massage effect from The Original Tangle Teezer when brushing dry hair, long teeth Cactus Baleo reach the scalp);
  • Cactus bristles are slightly thicker bristles Tangle Teezer (so a bit more delicate with the scalp, but this difference is hardly perceptible);

Use life: 16 days on the two heads

Price: 1290 roubles (Cactus Baleo) and 1190 rubles (Cactus Barbora)

Rating: 5 of each

Conclusion: we, the fans of the Tangle Teezer, brush Cactus is very pleased, because they do not have the deficiencies that were our “Oldies”, and indeed this is a new level of sensations.

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