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To write about the combs for me. I can remember only one such case — a few years I did a review on comb Shu Uemura Art of Hair. And everything, somehow this topic is for me passes by. Although treatment for hair is no less important than the Facials, and I was even a little maniac. Moreover, you will laugh, combs I have, one, two and miscalculated. That is just the heroes of the post))

Once I got a nice Cactus, I immediately knew that I would do a comparative review with my veteransa Tangle Teezer, bought on the wave of fashion 7-8 years ago when all the polls went on her mind, ordered from abroad and could not think that they can be easily buy from us. And not only them))

The first thing that catches the eye is the format. The same format of road brush, with a protective bottom.

And approximately a similar arrangement of teeth. But a completely different size and shape. Which one is more convenient — will discuss below.

Both combs are made of plastic, but Cactus has a tourmaline coating which prevents from the electrification of hair, and is also used for greater silkiness. For preovolos this can be very important for curly girls — you can skip this point.

Here’s how combs are in hand. Tangle Teezer somehow Coco, Cactus fits perfectly in all my hand, as if created especially for it.

Teeth: the Meaning is also similar. Alternating rows of higher and lower. But the first thing that catches the eye is their thickness. Have a Tangle Teezer, they are much thinner, like a needle. Yes, now a little bent, but remember, the comb is about 8 years old, was used in the tail and mane.

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Here is a more detailed photo:

Now, after the obvious comparisons, I’ll tell you more details about each.

Cactus Barbora Tourmaline The Ultimate Detangling Hairbrush

A great number of teeth, slick, very smooth to touch plastic — that’s the first thing I see is feeling, taking comb in hand.

Cover combs holds firmly by itself in the bag/Luggage will not open (a Barbora is designed as a travel option).

While talking, of course, before, but there is a suspicion that its outward appearance through the same 7-8 years will be more demanding than a neighbor TT, in any case, such a hope is dense cloves.

Here you can see 3 rows of teeth of different heights — for a more thorough brushing:

What does? Ideally untangles hair, without applying efforts. Both wet and dry. For curly hair a special gift. Does not stretch them. With the length of the hair to the blades is easy and simple. Just slip don’t even know what comb, and ppase — done, hair beautiful wave.

Its thicker teeth (here read “delicate”) doesn’t scratch the scalp, it will be very good for this area with challenges to children’s heads.

The most important point: when combing not to rip my hair out. Every time after to brush your hair, I leave from 0 to 3-4 hairs.

Teeth flexible. Form a comb — ergonomic.

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Gold Rush

This is truly the old man, whom I all these years have not changed. With her I had straightened hair, and curls, and as a boy, and what you want. A lot had happened to us. Until I became friends with a Cactus))

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Life is a little battered TT, where without it. Are the teeth very brittle and thin. Them — 2 rows.

Here you can see more to see these “needles”. The difference between the height different from the Cactus. It seems even a little brutal))

Really, Tangle Teezer more aggressive for the hair. Not exactly so. To the hair she’s just as gracious, perfectly separates and untangles them, even the most incredible and dry mats, as on the promo video)) does Not hurt, does not stretch. However, it is more hard for scalp. On the one hand, this is a good head massage, and I often scratched himself thoughtfully head. But sensitive person might not like it, I know a few such persons))

Another important difference not in favor of the TT — it rips the hair (though it always did, and I, Sally, complained about the condition of the body was spent on vitamins and ampoules against hair loss, and should only change the comb). Every time after to brush your hair, I had in the palm of your hand a decent beam, and, of course, was upset.

And it turns out that both combs is important in everyday life. A couple of options: one for me and one for a needy husband. The second option for different needs: you need to delicately comb my hair, take a white Cactus, I want a massage — Tangle Teezer. The only noticeable strong difference of these combs is the fact that I have the second “flow hair” much more noticeable.

And what comb you use?

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