Callanetics classes for a flat belly

Of course, many girls dream of a beautiful press and flat stomach. To figure close to the ideal, get callanetics – it will help to get rid of the sides and fat on the tummy.



To ensure that the stomach was beautiful, lie on the floor and lift the knees bent legs. Exhale when lifting do the twisting. Hands should be behind your head. Then stretch your arms forward and repeat the exercise.

Press your elbows in a semi-seated position. Lift your legs and lock them at the right angle. Alternately straighten the legs. The next stage – straighten limbs, and then very slowly lower them without touching on sex.

In this position, bend your knees to shoulder width. This exercise is done in two steps: keeping your hands behind your head, raise your blades, then lift the lower back, stretching the arms forward.

Lying on the floor, bend one leg at the knees and place it on another. Next do the twist, while the opposite arm need to pull up to the knee.

In semi-seated position, straighten your legs, then spread them apart.

To obliques were beautiful, sit in balance: hold the body straight, the legs should be bent at the knees. In this position, the emphasis should be only on the buttocks. Then do side crunches. The body should be kept in a straight position. Then follow the mixing and dilution of hand-to-hand.

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