Can you grow hair with shampoo and serum? My experience with Follione

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Shampoo and serum Follione

After giving birth my hair (which was never very pleased) actually decided to say goodbye to his head. Rained so that my husband joked that the family will soon be all bald (he, boy, you and me). But it was not very funny.

Grandma’s resources, aid, and popular mustard mask burned the scalp, adding to the problems. Maybe someone it helps, but it is a method for the masochist!

Shampoo and serum Follione

The stamp Follione I came across when looking for a remedy for itchy scalp just after those hellish mustard masks. He said that without sulfates, parabens, silicones, British manufacturing (in the European Union very high standards for such products), natural composition, where natural ingredients, plus the shampoo — menthol, definitely will cool my wounded scalp. The serum picked up by the principle “not be worse”, no matter what especially not hoping. But gravely miscalculated! If very briefly — my hair has started to grow significantly after 2 months of use. And then… But in order.

Follione Shampoo Anti-Hair Loss

Lot of little bottles

This shampoo is very unusual in consistency, different from those to which we are accustomed — it is a liquid. But in order to wash my hair, enough just a few drops. Most importantly, do not pour on the head as soon as I for the first time, and half the bottle to leave. Better pour a little in your hand and then apply on hair. The shampoo is very mild, lathers well, smells nice and easy, really cools the skin, but not Intrusive frosty menthol, and too — easily. The skin it also calms and head after him, sorry for the repetition, very light and cheerful!

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The strengthening effect I noticed in two weeks. Hair like steel thicker (and we remember, silicones, which could create a pseudo-effect, not there), stronger, stronger.

At the moment I use this shampoo (in combination with serum) for six months, and forgot about the hellish mix of supermarkets, or the vaunted “natural” brand, from which the hair had become as fluff sponge.

Hair fall ceased, about the bald spots and other delights I just forgot. Hair is smooth and lively, despite the fact that I paint. Growth accelerated, but rather, “wine” sera, about which below.

Economical rate
Manufactured in the UK
No parabens
Without silicones
Without sulfates
There are effectnote to be prepared for the fact that the shampoo is a liquid, otherwise the first time palakona to spend.

Serum for hair growth Hair Growth Serum Follione

Follione saved my hair

The serum I bought along with the shampoo, but use it start only after I saw that the shampoo helps. The meaning is the same — natural ingredients, no sulfates, parabens, silicones, is applied on the hair roots, very carefully — on the problem areas.

Complete spray gun and glass pipette, I prefer to use a pipette.

Again — the consumption of products are very economical (as usually happens with all good’s skin care), a couple of drops is enough for whole head (applied stress on the scalp at the hair roots to the hair to distribute is Not necessary). Apply the serum on clean, dry hair, rinsing is not required.

After a month in my head appeared some strange fluff. You know, these hairs, which are usually when laying varnish smooth. I did not realize that this New hair! And when I realized, once I bought a package for three months (three bottles), and no day care since not miss.

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Girls, hair grows! In the first photo I’m not quite up TO it already with the improvements, because it does “to” did not take a picture — had not counted on the effect. The second effect is after 3 months of use

And here on the right my hair after six months of use Follione. It is clear that with the styling, but it is clear that the structure of the hair has changed, they are longer, stronger, better and cooler, especially wearing the same shirt so it was clear that one person in the pictures. No, not extensions! The same hair that is on the left, just after Follione!

Before and after Follione

After Follione. – Dyeing my cool, right?)

Small consumption
Easy application
The visible effect
Natural composition
No parabens
Without sulfates
Without silikonovoj to be patient — hair grows in a month.

Use the shampoo and serum Follione not cease, and will not stop. Even my hairdresser asked what I did with the hair that they so quickly and well grown and strengthened.

Now with the help of male serum Follione Extra Strenght Growth Stimulator husband is growing a beard, successfully repaired her some bald spots (don’t ask me what it is, male threads), very happy.

Well, our kinder is still almost bald), And also happy 🙂

Usage time: more than 6 months

Rating: 5+++

Would use again: Definitely

Cost: Shampoo Follione — 1670 RUB, Serum Follione — 2808 RUB for one month of use; 5616 RUB. — for 3 months use.

Thank you all and beautiful long hair!

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