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The cream was bought for to try for the summer.

Estonian cosmetics has always attracted me — for a penny, you can often find a good thing. And this brand sister praised, said she had the hair spray or conditioner — something in this spirit and she really liked it, it was something else. This cream — production of the Netherlands.

The cream in the usual plastic tube (I think it was still in p/e sealed, but don’t remember) and with a screw cap. Inside is a white turbid gel with a bright coconut scent. Rather coconut milk. Felt if to smell on purpose or apply too much.

Distributed easily, absorbs quickly. Feel siliconindia. Particularly noticeable leaves no film, but tactilely during application feels. With regard to care — he is there, but not strong. I.e. in the warm cream will be enough the wound to heal faster (my Koshak like to play), even the heels like it (use and for them — figured that may be suitable). For winter cream is not enough — you need something more nutritious.

Apply day — after washing your hands, use as a night care. Due to the rapid absorption, you can immediately go to bed. As became annoying fragrance — try hands now to keep away from your face (it’s easier). If washing hands in two hours after application, can be felt.

Nothing bad about the cream I can not say (that’s just the scent of obsession). And so, too, can not — dry hands it may not be enough. Dispolsal, but is unlikely to repeat.

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Price: 1,88 EUR. Gift.

Volume: 100 ml

Use: 05.07. at the present time.

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