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Only open jars with my new tools Creightons, I immediately sensed the aroma of the red sea. After all, each of us has an associative aromas with trips? Vanilla&Macadamia is my spring.

Creightons Vanilla&Macadamia Cocoon Bath&Shower

Gel for bath and shower with one of the most sensual fragrances. Apparently, so I think all the flavors coming from Central Asia to Asia))

The shower gel has, oddly enough, creamy consistency. It is a little stringy, milky color.

The tool is suitable for the shower to use a loofah and bath — pour in hot water, relax even more.

Foam gives a lot, is responsible for SLS in the lineup, but with skin sparing is valid: it does not dry and even moisturizes like. Exactly — doesn’t require immediate moisturizing cream after wiping. Moreover, you can even skip the aftercare. At least, until the warm time of the year.

The consumption is small, 0.5 l will be enough for three months, probably.


Creightons Vanilla&Macadamia Cocoon Body Butter

Oh, these 475мл crazy flavor! If the gel it was some memories here — feel like I’m taking a shower behind the curtain exactly exactly the same! And twilight, and smells, and salt on the lips after the sea, and hookah, and coffee…

The consistency of the cream is very thick. It’s like butter. But in spite of this on the skin lies thin, easily distributed and quickly absorbed. For dry skin, I think, would be salvation. Personally, I now even a lot of use through time (or shower gel good?)) ). Winter is the most it.

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The skin nourishes, moisturizes. Absorbed very quickly, about 5 minutes. The effect lasts a long time, until the next soul does not occur dryness.

Consumption is also minimal, banks are almost in 500 ml of personally enough for me for a very long time (but I only use on legs).


Swatch textures:

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