Care how exciting intergalactic journey, with a mask film Interstellar Mask Mixit.

Are you ready to turn daily grooming into an exciting intergalactic journey? Discover new mask Interstellar Mask. Its color will remind you of the magic of the night sky, and sparkles in its structure will replace the millions of starry galaxies and planets.
Marine collagen makes the face perfectly flat and smooth, succinic acid reduces swelling and black clay unclogs pores and mattes the skin. Plant extracts of Melissa and green tea take care to ensure that the face always looked rested and fresh, and the minerals zinc prevents the occurrence of oily sheen. In short, the composition has everything to make you cosmically beautiful. Interstellar Mask – the case when the whole world of beauty, enclosed in your hands.
Water, isopropyl alcohol, polyvinyl alcohol, glycerin, PROPANEDIOL, vegetal extracts of green tea, lemon balm, witch hazel, kelp, rosemary, marine collagen, D-panthenol, allantoin, mineral complexes of copper and zinc, vitamin C, succinic acid, black clay, xanthan gum, perfume, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, mica, glitter

On the cleansed face evenly, apply a piece of the star mask and leave for 20-40 minutes, then remove it in one neat movement from the bottom up. And while the novelty takes care of your skin, glittering stars and sequins is guaranteed to create the mood, and the hand involuntarily reaches for a smartphone. To make it more interesting, plug friend – whose photo gets the most likes on Instagram and one of you will be the Queen star of the galaxy?

Masks for skin care I love and buy in nemerenoe number. And I was excited to get another jar of the new product, pictures of which flooded my instagram. Girls understand the appeal literally and really began to compete in skill selfies) And I can understand them – the mask is just incredibly beautiful – the black liquid gel contains a huge number of stars, glitter and shimmer. And how incredible it smells! It is unfortunate that the monitor can’t transfer flavors to describe it. Here and fruits and something sweet, no hint of alcohol.
How thick should be the layer of the mask on the face is not specified, so I experimented a bit and came to the conclusion that the difference in result no. You can apply so through the mask shone through the skin can be thicker, but after 30-40 minutes it still hardens and comes off the reservoir.

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My skin is ripped and the black pigment is deposited in each pore, during the procedure looks like black dots. But in General, is certainly impressive. Stars and other tinsel not scratch your skin during the allocation of funds and do not cause any discomfort. The mask tightens the skin as it dries. Removed it is also very easy, the film is soft and stretches, ignoring the fluff on her face. A couple of sequin can remain on the skin.
The manufacturer promises all at once: and matting, and rejuvenation, and the removal of swelling and elasticity ( see beginning of post). Often you met such a multifunctional skin care? Me – only in this column”result” in the annotation to the tool. In practice, one or two, well a maximum three promises.

Next to each manufacturer promises the heroine of the post, I added my impressions:

Matting- and here and there. Even immediately after removing the mask skin looks rather shiny, but not matte.

Pores — no and no again. I even understand due to what she should do to narrow this mask exfoliates and tightens the skin.

Prevention of sagging and skin rejuvenation — cheeked pups but I didn’t.

Removal of edema — to combat the swelling it took me months of regular lymphatic drainage massages inedelity subsequent treatments to maintain the effect. In this regard, I can not assess the effectiveness of the mask Interstellar.

Pore cleansing is a very strong statement from such a delicate mask. Well, not more than from a regular washing with the gel.
Prevent greasy — see “matting” above. After removing the mask glossy skin, sebum stands out as usual.

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From the pros:
the skin tone becomes slightly more smooth, but to see it I had to examine myself closely in the mirror to see any changes. Plus, the mask does not dry and tightens the skin, rather naobort, I had the feeling that the skin is moisturized. Dryish tone later very easily distributed.

Don’t see any point to make before/ after. Camera difference do not see.

In fact, it is a pleasant indulgence, not working cosmetic. To cut photos in social networks, enjoy a pleasant scent and remain in the illusion that they care of themselves – that’s all. Marked by me plus I do not seem so motivating to immediately apply the product. The brand had a lot of good and really working products, but this mask was basically useless to me.

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