Catching the light from the winter collection Tammy Tanuka Sigil Inspired


Today I want to show a new, truly magical shade that wasn’t quite how I imagined 🙂

Catching the light from the Lighthouse relates to the locations of the Misty Lands. This purple-bronze chromatic with shimmer in green and turquoise.

something purple, and brown, and brass, and gold, and green stretching into the deep blue

Focusing on the official Swatch, I was expecting a more gray hue and a more pronounced turquoise highlights. But, first, it is very difficult to catch the reflection, and secondly, on my skin Catching the light of the lighthouse was very much purple.

Swatch taken indoors in daylight. Base Wet n wild. Catching the light in the center:

I have just begin their acquaintance with the Sigil Inspired, and my collection is quite small) I wanted to compare Catching light Collecting mountain herbs and Mining amethysts. When ordering new items, I even feared that they would be too similar. But no — the shades are very different and similar only to that of his “iridescence”.

In a single layer in the dry way in broad daylight:

Wet, natural lighting in the shade:

I like prismatic, chromatic shades of their self-sufficiency is one such shade, you can do makeup on a movable century turns of light, and fold in a natural way is obscured, even to draw it is necessary nothing)

For a more complete makeup look, I added a Blushing apricot in the inner corner and restorefile border. And here at feather “suddenly” got the purple base and the shade has already changed significantly:

The phone was able to “catch” and even a greenish glare, but the quality of the photo was “telephone”, I apologize in advance:

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In General, I’m with pigments while “for You”, so not always get the desired and expected effect) But I’m not losing hope 😃

Catching the light from the lighthouse I decided to only use on a movable century wet as an accent and complement the neutral base eye shadow to shade again, in over purple:

Cost: 500 rubles per 1 ml.

My rating: 5. Nothing to complain about 🙂 the Shade is very beautiful and unusual. But subjectively until you take him to Pets — it is not very easy to use. And I have not yet found for it is “the right company”, I think, my already not very young face looks with the shade more tired, and Vice versa))

Thank you for your attention!

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