Catrice Blush Box #020 Glistering Pink

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The German brand Catrice released a fall collection, which was such a wonderful blush. Honestly — I have never been a fan of blush, and often the daily make-up I missed. But these I just can’t tear myself away for a month already!

Packaging — plastic, clips no. In this blush are closed very tightly and there is no risk that they will open in a purse. Plus a single — window through which is visible the shade. I have a rather large collection of blushes and when you need something to choose the shade immediately to mind. No need to rehash the whole box and open each package ????

The volume of the blush is 6 grams.

In the line — 6 ottenkov, from pale pink to plum and brown.

Each shade is its embossed, which looks very cool!


My shade is 020 Glistering Pink. Delicate pink-persily color with gold Chimera ????

Shimmer becomes visible when you take off the top layer.

On the hand

The texture of the blush is very soft, silky and pliable. They are drawn well as on natural and synthetic brushes.

Pigmentation — light. This quality blush I love! Much easier to layer the product than to put a bright spot and nervously trying to feather.

By the way, they get flustered very easily, merging with skin, without transitions.

Catalina durability. If you apply blush as a final touch to stay they will be 5-6 hours. If the top is secured with powder — 10-11 I wore them quietly.

Let’s look in makeup!

Artificial light.The light of day.

All the lights that you see in the photo is the blush. On my pale skin tone become more holdem and pink than it is in the package.

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Removed without problems, some rashes on the skin and do not provoke.

The result:a cool blush at a small price. I very much liked, and, as I said, just can’t put ????

The price in Minsk: about 5$

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