Catrice Brow Hero 2 in 1 020 Bella – lipstick eyebrow and concealer in one bottle

Hi! Today I want to discuss a relatively new product of the brand Catrice — water-resistant lipstick eyebrow and the famous concealer — camouflage.

Catrice Brow Hero 2 in 1 brow pomade & camouflage waterproof 020 Bella

small jar-puck holds up to 4 g of the product. Intra — resistant lipstick for eyebrows, as well as the famous concealer (don’t know if they make it or already removed from production).

At the first opening found such cracks. Improper storage?

The product comes only in two shades — So 010 020 So Gigi and Bella (well, you know, you are talking about, right?))

Initially I laid my eyes on the shade 010 (it is much lighter), but Swatch it seemed like a lot of red (although on the promotional tone is quite different — colder brown).

020 So Bella is rather dark brown, I was even upset, as I doubt that I will be able to use it on your eyebrows.

However, the intensity of the tint can be changed, as seen in the photo above. So can be quite dark and more applicable in the life of my eyebrows.

The lipstick for my taste a little dry. Perhaps affected by improper storage (or due to what else could go cracks?). There is some suspicion that the closer to winter it can even more dry.

The second part of the jar — I guess, the one concealer “camouflage”. I tried it as a separate product, for me it was too yellow and too thick. However, he has enough fans).

As I expected, the shade in this concealer is also too dark for my skin. For consistency it is absolutely the same as his brother in an individual package, very dense (but lighter than lipstick).

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In work:

My eyebrows are dark enough, because I never take the shades of “blonde” despite the fact that blonde.

Using a flat brush, I select the first end of the eyebrow, then turn to the middle and beginning.

Then I take a brush-brush and comb the eyebrows, getting rid of possible excess.

Concealer took quite a bit to emphasize the eyebrow tip, but it had shade almost zero due to the fact that the shade is not my.

Overall impression:

Overall, Catrice Brow Hero 2 in 1 020 Bella is a pretty good product for eyebrows, lipstick is not difficult to work with, but if she were a little softer, it would be much nicer and would have cost without tulipani. Although, then again, perhaps the reason lies in the improper storage…

Concealer will come in handy for those who like graphic eyebrows, if needed, it blends easily to zero.

Despite fairly dark (it’s really the darkest in color product for eyebrows that I have ever had), you can work with it and to vary the degree of saturation.

However, for me, this product has become one of my favorites.

Price: 300 rubles

Rating: 4

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