Catrice Gel Lacquer Iconails 19 Johnny Deep, 36 Ready To Grape Off

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Autumn despite the delayed start, inevitably reminds of itself, and we’ve got a couple of Catrice lacquers in shades perfect for the season. Let’s take a look!

All photos in the post — daylight.

Line ICONails Gel Lacquer impressive and, at the moment, consists of 51 pieces, including the recent addition of the 10 shades. The manufacturer promises up to 7 days durability without top and glossy finish of a gel nail. Bottles line look beautiful and have a nice bonus in the form of a removable decorative cover, which increases convenience and makes the manicure process so much easier.

Ribbed cap, hidden under a decorative, decorated with the logo of the manufacturer.

In my hands were two beautiful shades with a creamy texture — 19 Johnny Deep and 36 Ready To Grape Off. Before we look at each nail in detail, will highlight common characteristics:

  • a volume of 10.5 ml;
  • comfortable wide brush with a rounded edge;
  • obedient, have a smooth, creamy texture without shimmer;
  • the optimal number of layers is 2, but can be nice to lay in 1 layer;
  • durability ~5 days without a top, gradually rubbing the tips;
  • do not conflict with the database;
  • do not stain the nail plate when worn without a base;
  • do not form bubbles;
  • own almost a mirror gloss;
  • easily washed off any JDSL.

I paint my nails in two thin layers with a break of ~15 minutes, the varnish applied to the base Up Happiness Pink Polish.

Catrice Gel Lacquer ICONails 19 Johnny Deep

I love and believe are universal sophisticated gray coat with purple nuances, and then there’s the funny name of the shade… well, liking this varnish appeared in the moment of looking at it on the website of the manufacturer. On the promo it looks a little more purple, but given its variability depending on the light temperature is quite normal.

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The reverse side with a short information:

Texture paint is homogeneous, quite liquid, but not thin, comfortable to apply, easy to control the thickness of the layer. Nail grey color with a purple note, not too warm/cold, not too bright/dark, fairly neutral, depending on the lighting it can look warmer/cooler and lighter/darker. The texture is creamy, shimmer in the no.

The brush is wide, rounded cut, the nail and the space at the cuticle convenient to draw.

The paint is quite pigmented (the end closes in a single layer) and, with proper skill, it can be placed in a single layer with no gap, but I always paint two thin. One thin layer is light in color, the second darkens and adds depth. Lacquer is thin, has a tendency to camarasauridae crazy gloss and smoothness of coating, which really looks like a coating of gel varnish.

Despite its variability, often on himself I see it — covered grey-violet with a light aplinkai, slightly reminiscent of the color of fresh figs in natural plaque:

2 coats without top

Catrice Gel Lacquer 36 ICONails Ready To Grape Off

The varnish is a deep wine shade — a mandatory attribute of a fall manicure, so Ready To Grape Off now as it is impossible by the way have added to my collection. It looks exactly the same as on the promo, and depending on lighting, not much changes.

The reverse side and a brief information:

Like the previous instance, this shade has a homogeneous liquid and not spreading consistency, which is convenient in application and allows you to easily control the layer thickness. Varnish rich wine berry color, not chameleonic, temperature rather neutral, depending on the lighting can look colocerin. The texture is creamy (perhaps kreli), no shimmer.

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The brush is similar to the previous instance — wide with a rounded cut, comfortable to use.

The varnish is pigmented (the end closes in a single layer), one layer falls not the most dense but evenly wine and berry Crile, looks very interesting and suitable to wear like this. However, I like dense color, so I wear two thin layers. Nail it arrived samorazrushatsya and has the same specular gloss and smoothness of coating as the previous instance.

This nail Polish almost always looks the same — dense dark wine and berry shades:

2 coats without top


Both liked their performance, manageability and great Shine. Lucky enough and persistent on my nails are still approximately 5 days in good condition with no top. The shades came to me, very versatile and wearable, look good solo and can serve as the basis for designs. Now I want to continue exploring the range of ICONails, such a perfect gloss the first time I see!

Rating: 5/5

Price: ~190 rubles per shade

Thank you for your attention!


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