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This time from Catrice is a little did not happen.

Mascara Catrice One The Little Black Volume Mascara

Actually I didn’t need another mascara, but after seeing the new (and even with that design!), immediately wanted to try it.

Generally every time I am amazed at how Catrice manage to come up with such a stylish and innovative design while remaining budget brand.

As you know, the main part is the design under the skin.

The mascara is aimed at separation and volume. I have the regular version, there are still water resistant.

The brush is small and, frankly, unpleasant. It hurt scratch the eyelid, so you need to very carefully paint over the lashes. With such I face for the first time.

Mascara in action, I’ll show you below, but for now a couple of words about her behavior. Specifically, at first, she glued my lashes, so using it is not wanted. At some point I forgot about it and got only a couple of weeks later. It is a little dry and began to behave better. But as a consequence, there was a little fraying. Very small, but still shedding. So another minus.

And my personal pain is that it lengthens the lashes. And this is not promised, but without the effect of lengthening all this beauty is reminiscent of sticking straight stick.

Price: 350 rubles

Rating: 3

The Catrice Camouflage Liquid Concealer — High Coverage Concealer

Once took the mascara, then take it and concealer. Especially if many praise.

I was lucky because the store had all the right shades and testers. Not going to say what 005 the lightest, but it is just perfect for pale skin with olive or yellow undertone.

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Water-resistant concealer. Aimed at disguising dark circles, uneven skin and redness.

Packaging is made of sturdy plastic. Inside, as expected, is the usual sponge. There is a light scent.


Universal admiration I did not understand. Concealer, of course, good, but the skin goes dry and accentuates all the wrinkles. In life it’s almost not noticeable, so you can wear. One of the advantages is absolutely not dry the skin of the eyelid, and she had me very troubled.

Compared to the last unsuccessful concealer (which is Maybelline NY Fit me), Сatrice is a miracle. Because Maybelline went mesh/spiderweb (in General, emphasized all that is possible and impossible) and, therefore, was very noticeable.

How concealer works well. Hides redness and dries them.

Price: 300 rubles

Rating: 4 minus

Clean lower eyelid:

With concealer:

Left eye without concealer, right with concealer:

Both eyes with concealer:

Here and also add mascara. Use a thick layer:

The result:

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