Catrice Prisma Chrome Lipstick 050 Mystical Mermaid, Rusty Rose 060, 070 Cosmic Plum

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The new Year is getting closer — it’s time for a story about the bright lipsticks! ✨

When I saw these lipsticks in the announcement of spring renewal Catrice in the first place my attention was drawn to the shade 050 Mystical Mermaid. I really love such shades of eye shadow, therefore, is to be expected, the lipstick caused a great interest and desire to experiment. The line consist of 8 shades, which are designed in the 050, I noted a couple of interesting shades of Rusty Rose 060 and 070 Cosmic Plum, so when the opportunity presented itself, for testing I chose these shades.

All photos in the post — daylight, unless otherwise specified.

Wallets classic for the brand design decorated with intricate holographic pattern is very beautiful and is now repetitive and boring (as a fan of holography and sparkly, hardly limited to one photo ????). The mechanism gets out gently and easily, sticks do not scratch, cap sits tight and closed until it clicks. The stick of lipstick the same series Ultimate Matt.

Before detailed consideration of each shade to allocate General characteristics:

  • product weight 3.5 grams;
  • stick length ~2.5 cm;
  • sweet pastry smell, no taste;
  • the normal resistance to withstand the bite, you can gently layering;
  • contour lipstick shimmer does not migrate in the face;
  • make-up remover with micellar trouble-free, but if you wash cloth, shimmer will remain.

Catrice Prisma Chrome Lipstick 050 Mystical Mermaid

The first to turn the most unusual of the three shades — 050 Mystical Mermaid plum-brown base with lots of shimmer, duochrome from the blue (sometimes with some greenish colour) to pink.

Packing details:

Depending on how the light falls, the stick may look brown or plum, and shimmer blue or pink. In order to show all these details at the same time, for all the subject photo in the post, I picked the right angle and used a reflector.

The gel texture, translucent, slightly dry when applied, but is quite comfortable on the lips. Under normal application of the shimmer was not there, but if you overdo it, be felt. The stick becomes slightly rough due to the large amount of shimmer, but thankfully, discomfort when applied and does not deliver. Translucent texture with shimmer naturally requires attention and care when applying as it can go a bit uneven. The density and the brightness of glitter it is easy to control the overlaying — personally I like a light to middle coverage looks more beautifully and evenly.

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Left spent once, on the right is well layered.Refraction from blue to pink.

Adjust the shape of the lips and/or draw a very clear outline of this lipstick will not work, so for these purposes will need a pencil. I like this transparency and light blurring, so I don’t use pencil. At the macro lipstick looks perfect, but, in my opinion, beautiful, and in the mirror I see less detail and more sparkle. The condition of the lips relatively loyal, but strong peeling better not to apply, because shimmer will accentuate them. Vitality ~3-4 hours, the coating is not dry, the ware is printed, after a meal the area around the mucous membrane in need of correction.

Light ring lamp, one middle layer.

Of course, not to everyone’s taste himernye lipstick and the like color experiments, but I love it and wear. It’s probably not the easiest to use, but certainly not the most capricious lipstick. Adjusting density application, it can successfully fit both day and evening makeup, she almost always looks appropriate and adds flavor. As a topper normally rests on top of other lipsticks, mixing them with colored stem and giving a beautiful radiance — option for those who are applying solo seems too bold. Shade is certainly not for everyone, but still very beautiful and with good technical characteristics, so their fans will surely find.

Rating: 4, given the specificity of the texture.

Catrice Prisma Chrome Lipstick 060 Rusty Rose

Next in line is a much more subdued shade 060 Rusty Rose — brown base and a large number of duochrome pink-Golden shimmer.

Packing details:

This shade is much more modest in terms of modulations than the previous one, and always looks about the same.

Specifications are similar to the previous shade — comfortable translucent gel texture, a little dry when applying. Shimmer is not noticeable with moderate injury, if you overdo it — will be felt. The stick becomes as rough, but not scraping lip and to apply lipstick to offer. Can falls slightly unevenly, so accuracy and care is everything. The density and brightness are also controlled by the overlaying, but with this lipstick I like to layer it a little harder than the previous one.

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Left spent once, on the right is well layered.Modest refraction from pink to gold.

Correction of lip shape and a clear outline without a pencil is unlikely to succeed, but the transparency and small imprecision in the combination with the pink gloss gives lips a delicate and unusual appearance. The macro also looks not perfect, but beautiful, and in the mirror, traditionally, less detail and more sparkle. The condition of the lips is not very demanding, but shimmer will emphasize strong peeling. Vitality ~3-4 hours, the coating is not dry, the ware is printed, after a meal the area around the mucous membrane also needs to be corrected, but it is slightly less noticeable due to the tint.

Light ring lamp, one middle layer.

This shade is much more calm, gentle and non-binding, well suited for everyday wear, especially when applied in a thin layer. Looks good in the daytime and evening makeup, the density is easily adjustable. It can also act as a topper for other lipsticks. I especially love the brown lipstick, but the translucency and sparkle I loved, so wear with pleasure. Shade will appeal to those who want to oblectate, but less extravagant than the previous shade.

Rating: 4, given the specificity of the texture.

Catrice Prisma Chrome Lipstick 070 Cosmic Plum

Last but not least — 070 Cosmic Plum is a dark plum shade with a lot of very fine holographic shimmer.

Packing details:

No surprises here — the shade is not ukrany, stick does not change colour, but holographic shimmer sparks in different colors.

This shade has quite different technical characteristics, texture is creamy, thick, pigmented, soft and easily glides onto lips, leaving a thick even coating of the first layer. If the stick shimmer is visible and swatches and on the lips it is almost invisible as a separate sparkles, and turns into a smooth uniform cold radiance. By the way, the shimmer does not feel even with a strong overlaying, and the stick always remains smooth.

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Left spent once, on the right is well layered.Of refraction no, but you can see a small shimmer.

Density allows you to adjust the shape of the lip contour is clear with no pencil. At the macro lipstick looks very good in the mirror I see almost a mirror Shine. Due to the dense moisturizing texture to the lips is not especially demanding and can hide small problems. Vitality ~3-4 hours, the coating powder, the imprinted dishes after a meal adjustment is required in the area of the mucosa.

Light ring lamp, one middle layer.

This shade has the best performance from my selection is the most obedient, thick and familiar in terms of application and appearance, however, the active smooth gloss still reminds of the what it series. The lipstick is very beautiful, although not dukhrana, a great bright option for fall and winter for those cold silver glitter. As a bonus, with this lipstick you can not highlight highlighter check mark above the lip — the lipstick is quite successful doing it.????

Rating: 5.


Subjectively, I liked all three lipsticks, each in its own way — 050 I loved it for the unusual color, the tenderness 060, 070 for a brilliant twist to the seemingly usual plum lipstick. The first two lipsticks can be confusing in its structure, but to cope with their problems well — filled with so many shimmer, translucent texture, they manage to sit well on the lips even on the macro and very nice Shine. The third lipstick in addition to a beautiful effect has the usual excellent performance, it is not necessary to adjust. I was surprised to discover in one line are different textures, but I don’t think it’s a disadvantage of a ruler, rather the opposite — you can pick up the lipstick-effect, in accordance with the extent and extravagance of the desire to oblectate. ????

Price: each shade ~400 rubles

Thank you for your attention and happy New Year!????


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