Catrice Professional Artist Eyeshadow palette – my favorite palette for every day

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Hi! I think that each of us have a couple of favorite palettes, which always stretches a hand. I have several, but today I want to talk about Catrice Professional Artist Eyeshadow palette. To whom interesting, I ask under kat.

Catrice Professional Artist Eyeshadow palette 010 The Key Piece

Reticulation small, inside — 16 soul school size slightly less than a ruble coins. Total weight is 16 grams.

I like the selection of shades — they are versatile and suitable for daytime makeup and for the evening.

Texture: 9 satin eye shadows, 6 matte and 1 with large shining particles.

Shadows are well pigmented, silky. Working with them is a pleasure with the feather never had any problems.

1st row

Two matte shade to use for anchoring the primer, and shining often put in the inner corner of the eye to highlight.

2nd row

The second shade on the left often use eye makeup, and the third is ideal for creases and soften the shading.

3rd row

Third from the left shade — the same with large glitter. I suggest applying with your finger.

4th row

Three matte shades and one satin. The first on the left, I also like to use for shading, and the brown as an eyeliner (apply with a damp brush).

As I said above, work with the shadows very easily, they are well-shaded and hardly showered (except shade with glitter, I suggest to strike gently with a finger).

Resistance standard — stay on base all day (without it ever shadows do not — do not see the point).

In makeup

What I like about the palette Catrice Professional Artist Eyeshadow palette?

  • nice color palette. It has no extra shades (which I would like to replace). Each of them I use makeup every day. Plus, very pleased with the presence of the “base” of bright hues and shades for the crease. No need to look for another palette or other shadows in the inventory.
  • good pigmentation. To get a beautiful rich color don’t need twenty times to layer the shade.
  • texture incredibly soft, silky. Satin I love to apply with your finger for speed.
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At the moment, Catrice Professional Artist Eyeshadow palette — my favourite palette for every day. Despite the fact that she is one of new in my collection, some tefilah will soon be seen at the bottom. That’s how I love her)).

Price: 750 rubles

Rating: 5+

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