Catrice Rock Couture Liquid Liner 020 Bluellet For My Valentine

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Autumn adds more yellow color and cold, and my immune system once “successfully” got soaked in the rain and dropped out of life for a long time. Despite that seasonal mess, I finally back to tell you about a bright eyeliner with a beautiful name and design. Go!

All photos in the post — daylight, unless otherwise specified.

When I saw these metal liner among the novelties of spring renewal Catrice, very pleasantly surprised — an unusual and bold choice of themes for the brand, agree. In addition to the biker’s name, the liner received a package design and excellent title of shades, referring to the famous rock groups. The line consist of 3 shade — the hero of the post 020 Bluellet For My Valentine (Bullet For My Valentine), 030 Guns N Rosegold (Guns N Roses) and 040 These White Stripes (The White Stripes). I was most interested in the blue tint (and not because BFMV of these three groups I listen to the most ????), which was in my hands.

Catrice is not the first to use this packaging design, but they turned out great — black matte plastic, classic rivets and a logo — simple and beautiful and warms the soul of a biker. The vial is small, volume of 2.2 ml.

Packing details:

The liner has a classic tassel and a normal limiter, the product is typed in. I do not really like these brushes, and although even his eyeliner is applied is quite good, I sometimes resort to using Real Techniques brushes for a more precise and careful drawing.

The macro can be viewed that the liner consists of a multitude of small shining particles.

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I was very interested in how the liner looks in the case because all the glittery eyeliner that I have in my collection bright and translucent. This eyeliner is different — has a bright deep blue color, well pigmented and bright goes over any eye shadow that has a very pronounced metallic effect and shiny as foil. She is well behaved when the overlaying and crack, eyelids tightens. The durability is impressive, on me lasts all day (normal eyelids + base), but the moisture doesn’t stand up.

Swatches on the left is a very thin layer to show the basis of the transparency framework and shiny particles on the right — normal layer, so eyeliner looks in makeup.


Swatches on the left — one normal smear, and to the right is drawn and filled with a simple drawing.

Make-up (light ring lamp)

You can succumb to the autumn mood and to combine with the red shades:

Matt Lopez from the palette theBalm Meet Matt(e) in the shading on the upper eyelid, on the lower on top of the pencil, 1 and 4 shades from the palette Catrice The Precious Copper on a movable century and in the inner area, respectively.

And you can dilute Smokey:

Shades from the palette Essence 02 & happily ever after: 1, 2, 8 feather, 4 on the entire mobile eyelid and on the bottom on top of a black pencil, 7 damp sponge in the centre of the lid and in the inner corner, shade the outer corner Matt Moskowitz from theBalm Meet Matt(e).

Or to recall the rocker’s roots eyeliner:

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On a substrate of black pencil Matt Ahmed from the palette theBalm Meet Matt(e), feather Matt Lin and Matt Rossi in the inner corner Highlight Catrice 010 To Hell.Summary

I really liked experimenting with this eyeliner, although I usually do not often use blue make-up in vain, as it turned out. It can dilute and make it interesting any makeup, it’s easy to set accents and add a festive mood. Besides using makeup, eyeliner may be useful to those who love fantasy makeup, cosplay and photoshoots — its deep blue color and bright luster inspire and encourage creativity.

Price: ~300 rubles

Rating: 5/5

Thank you for your attention!


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