Catrice Ultimate Lipstick 020 Matt From Rose With Love…, 030 Rouge Lala

How to deal with autumn Blues? Add in makeup colors! Today I propose to consider two lipsticks from Catrice familiar Ultimate line Matt in original pink and classic red. I already told you about the lipstick from this line in shade 040 Dramatic Lillatic!, and it was very interesting to meet with other shades and compare their characteristics. Let’s get started!

All photos in the post — daylight.

Now the line has 12 shades, and at the time of the review 040 shade there were only 6. Black matte boxes all the same I like its brevity and pleasant visitest, and hiding them in suede sticks still impressive and pleasing to the eye.

General characteristics:

  • product weight 3.8 grams;
  • length of stick 2.5 cm;
  • a delicate sweet smell, no taste;
  • matte-satin finish, no shimmer;
  • pigmented coating;
  • the texture is creamy, dense, a little tight;
  • the contour does not spread;
  • the overlaying and updating of the coating without problems;
  • vitality ~4 hours;
  • make-up unproblematic.

Catrice Ultimate Lipstick 020 Matt From Rose With Love…

When I’m looking for a neutral lipstick for every day, does not look to bright, beige shades, “erase” lips from the face, and choose something more or less pinkish and relatively dark, so as not to fall out of his contrast. Shade 020 Rose From With Love… it turned out just like I wanted, and in any strange situation, I now prefer to him.

Packing details:

All the photos stick unscrewed completely:

Thanks to the combination of color, hue and sweet smell, stick resembles a berry soufflé or candy))

I really like the cut, beautiful design and interesting stick the suede texture and the fact that the mechanism of these lipsticks does not scratch the sticks and they always have a presentable appearance. Of course, after the application of the slice melts and becomes normal, but the rest of the stick continues to please the eye.

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Color — rich complex pink on the basis of the warm, well-balanced ratio of warm/cold, chameleonic in dependence upon lighting, the stick looks a little lighter because of the suede texture. Finish matte-satin, the texture is not heavy, homogeneous, but when applied to tight and evenness of the contour may be affected, so he should pay attention to, or to work through with a brush/pencil, but I do not. The coating is thick, pigmented and covers well, the color of the lips, so this shade can be slightly adjust their form.

The contour cut, the pencil is not required. Matte-satin texture that falls evenly, flatter terrain, but not clogged in the folds. At the junction of the lips looks not quite perfect, but it is noticeable only on the macro. Does not require continuous tracking of the state — in my case almost “painted and forget”, adjusted for the embellishment of the middle, if you had a full meal. A small snack and drink stand without loss, the dishes printed poorly. The condition of the lips is not too demanding, disguises small flaws, but with strong peeling it is better to use the scrub. Lips do not dry out, but after 3-4 hours the border with the mucous membrane felt somewhat dried, but not critical. After make-up removal of the lips remain in the same condition, Tinta lipstick leaves.

Applied with a stick, the contour, you may notice small irregularities.

This shade has become for me a versatile addition to almost any makeup look, whether light morning Express or the evening/event. I like that the lipstick is quiet and subtle, with lips highlighted and even the most simple makeup looks not boring thanks to a banal tone.

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Catrice Ultimate Lipstick 030 Matt Rouge Làlà

Red lips are a timeless classic that you’ll never leave us. This season, the relevance of red on the lips again uncontroverted and is one of the main trends. Shade 030 Rouge Làlà — bright in every sense of the representative of the “right” red lipstick with a cool pink base.

Packing details:

All the photos stick unscrewed completely:

Cut, stick, texture, and mechanism are similar to the previous shade.

This classic red hue, in addition to “right”, clearly visible at the edges Swatch cool pink basis has a great balance of warm/cool and visually whiten the teeth, depending on lighting almost chameleonic. The color stick looks a little different because of the suede texture. The finish is slightly more matte and the texture and consistency is similar to the previous shade, as well as tight structure, where the outline is not perfect and requires attention, or revision of a brush/pencil, but I can deal with that. The coating is dense, pigmented, with thin, well cover the color of the lips and allows for a slightly adjust their form.

The circuit is kept so well and the pencil is not required. Lipstick lies evenly, will emphasize the terrain, in the folds is not clogged. On the junction looks good even on macro. Like the previous shade, does not require continuous monitoring of the drinks and the snack is going through fine, after a full meal is to tweak the middle on the container is printed so poorly. The condition of the lips, mostly demanding because of the bright color, but small flaws can hide. Not dry, but after 3-4 hours near the mucosa I feel a little dryness. After make-up removal of the lips in the same condition, remains a slight tint, which goes away if you hold the disk with mitsellyarnoi longer.

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Application of STIK and again small irregularities on the contour.

Good color, durability and low moods — that’s all I want from a red lipstick. I love that this lipstick has a velvety finish and visually it looks more matte than the previous shade that gives the lips a red, in my opinion, more interesting. A bright lipstick is just made in order to lighten the mood, to be the center of makeup and attract attention.

As a bonus — a comparison of shades to my small collection of Ultimate Matt Lipstick:

020 From Rose With Love…- 030 Rouge Làlà — 040 Dramatic Lilatic!

As you can see, the shade 040 Dramatic Lilatic! a more heterogeneous texture and the “wet” finish, and the shade 030 Rouge Làlà has the matte finish.


The first lipstick from this line I liked and caused the desire to meet the rest of the shades. The encounter took place, and I am very happy with the result — both new (to me) the shade was perfect and, subjectively, seemed even a little more successful and obedient (due to the greater uniformity) than the first instance, although I like it so far. Kind of slow texture I take it just to more carefully trace the outline. It’s possible that my Ultimate collection Matt will add other shades, and a range extension I would be very pleased.

Price:~330 rubles

Rating: 5- (traditionally for loop)/5

Thank you for your attention!


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