Catrice Ultimate Lipstick 070 Matt Nude Crush Everyday

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For a long time I was attracted by these “suede” lipstick, but the packaging couldn’t. And as beautiful and (mostly) happy with all the posts coming and coming, I could not longer tolerate, no zatista ordered the shade Nude, which the feelings would have me to maximize approach.

So, she came! Look!

Sleek case, black, matte and heavy, feels nice in the hand. And inside… beautiful! This unusual like suede, top coat, of course, erased when using, but honestly, the lipstick looks great!

Now about features.

Wonderful beige pink shade, so bright, “rosewood”, chameleonic, in cold daylight is pretty much out in purple. I usually use a little more warm beige tones, but this shade looks fresh and nice. I think it is pretty universal and will fit almost everyone.

On top of more dense coating, bottom lightly touched.

The lipstick applied very easily and does not pull the skin. Contrary to the usual expectations from matte lipsticks, but this is not a rubber, not dry and zametcino texture.

I would call it velvet. Fits perfectly, smoothly, without streaks, but the Nude shades are usually very Moody, especially Matt.

As for the finish it is velvety and matte, but not dry, and the lipstick feels to wear — comfortable, the lips are not dry.

Perfume, the lipstick is quite tangible, for me it’s more a minus than a plus, but the downside is minor, Yes, and it’s quite subjective.

Durability is average, 4 hours stand quietly. After a light snack rubs off on the inner edge of the lips that are almost not visible due to color and that easily recovers directly from the stick and looks good.

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Specially for fasting did not prepare lips beforehand, no scrubs, balms and other things (and it should be noted that the lips with the onset of the cold I have is not in the best condition).

In normal daylight in the room.During cold cloudy daylight.

In my opinion, the lipstick even on a fairly dry lips formed perfectly, not every luxury/prof can boast of such worthy behavior. I’ll be sure to try other shades.

Rating a solid5

The price is about 320 rubles in the online store

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