Catrice Ultimate Matt Lipstick 100 Berry Fairy

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Love berries? Here I really) want to introduce you to tasty and healthy fairy berry from catrice, I invite you to view!

To be honest, to 30 years of life I have never had any lipstick, not counting the pathetic attempts to put the best from mom’s cosmetics as a child, but in appearance it was like to kiss the dirt? To be quite honest, the 31 year life. But it’s irrelevant.

So I wanted a lipstick saturated colors, which a great many eyes run, the money from her purse too? but fate gave me a gift in the form of a review on this very lipstick on. and I boldly went and bought it)))) but let us rather about the lipstick! Here is her passport details

Everything else shamelessly taped a shop three sticky layer, completely killing the aesthetics and sense of beauty from one place. But even the packaging is promised to be pleasant, but somewhere lost, somewhere arrived?

Lipstick delightful colors, matte, with a subtle smell. Intact though covered with frost. It was very beautiful, after first use it was gone, but the idea is wonderful❤ I look at this seravince

And❤it’s amazing

And then you must have thought I was kidding about the bright colors because in the photo you see a Nude, dusty rose, anything other than stated. But don’t believe the devil! Under the first hidden layer of raspberry rose, blueberry pie and even BlackBerry jam. However, see for yourself what’s going on: below the Swatch in different lighting, but always in daylight without direct sunlight

Yes, this is exactly what shade my skin is: olive with yellow undertone

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Lipstick is really matte, not satin. Conditionally resistant: Yes snack, full lunch-no. Moisturizing, aims to emphasize the peeling.) but, it is obvious that about moisturizing or care of the question. Does not dry okay, thank you for this.

My lips themselves are super embossed. Sounds nice, but in reality it means “all in the crease”?????????♀️????????♀️

Caused thickerSo lipstick usually looks on me. Specifically didn’t set up the white balance, because in life she’s just asWiped his lips with a napkin. They are slightly stained in blueberry, cold. The photo was taken directly at the window, no sun, fog or mist.

It turn out so juicy that I never once did not dare to leave it on the street. Try it at home, this period, kind husband calls the “season of the witch”? the thing is that actually the lipstick is very casual. But the rosy years newdow and strict Puritan upbringing have an effect. Home way about this

And I can not add assistant-switchable

Thank you for your attention! Kindness and beauty you ????

Price: about $ 5

Rating: 5!

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