Cellulite emergency services: the tools that will help you quickly and efficiently

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If you are going to sea, and the shy to wear swimsuit because of cellulite, pay with funds from our article.

Egia, Cellulite Control Cream.

The cost of the cream is about 4000 rubles. This tool copes with the process of cell regeneration. Thus, blocks the formation of localized fat deposits. In addition, areas with cellulite become less noticeable. A nice bonus – from the body of excess fluid and wastes.

Yves Rocher lotion anti-cellulite.

This tool has a firming effect.

Cholley, Cellipex Methode.

This tool is more expensive – about 6000 rubles, but there is no doubt. In this emulsion contains special plant extracts. The cream should be rubbed into problem areas at least 4 times a week. It has a warming effect and removes orange peel.

Weleda, birch cellulite oil.

To improve metabolic processes in tissues and accelerate microcirculation, use this tool twice a day for a month.

Natura Siberica, Honey Ginger Body Wrap

Due to a warming effect, improves metabolism. The tool also restores the mineral balance in the tissues, and the skin’s suppleness and elasticity becomes higher.

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