Chanel Christmas 2018

Cristmas ideas

“Love Chanel, hate Lucia Peak”


Not the best phrase to review a new Christmas collection of Chanel, but then you know I have a lot personal 🙂

This year’s Christmas collection Chanel caught my attention virtually all products. But I recently stopped that you purchase from the brand. We can not agree in taste with the creative Director of the brand))))


But it’s not about that. A new one-room with a limited figure of a lion’s head, as well as a beautiful gloss and nail Polish that has not left me indifferent. But let’s take first things first.


So, as part of the collection was presented in the palette, as it usually happens, but 4 odnushki nice on the stand as four to the eye, only very large. I opted for 906 and 907 of shade and very much regretted that at the same time I bought the white shade, which elegantly complement the couple.

Chanel Ombre Premiere 907 Cuivre Lame

Copper colour with a high content of Golden shimmer has a fine grind, but it is tightly compacted in the box, and the shimmer is quite large and a bit prickly.

The shadows are drawn well on the brush, but the main thing to choose the right brush, as this will affect the quality of shadows, and feathering. I went with a soft eyeshadow brush, which minimally crumbles shade in the set.

Shadows have great pigmentation, but the feather they are not the most pliable. However, this hue can be shaded in a light mist and applied bright and dense layer. Shimmer when applied on the eyelids a little flaking. I even thought that the shadow hardness is more similar to the old baked four Chanel, only the gain on the brush better.

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The shadow don’t hide in the folds of the century, do not fade throughout the day and do not roll down. Apply routinely to the base of Kiko.

Well, in a General way

Chanel Ombre Premiere 906 Vert Lame

Khaki is always a good idea 🙂

Krasivui a khaki hue with a large and more pronounced than in a copper shade with Golden shimmer content has the same slightly dry texture, but more intense pigmentation. Swatch, feathered on hand, you can see above.

Clear green brown note does not overlap when applied to the eyelids. For this shade I chose is more tightly typed the brush with short bristles, as these shadows a little better shaded, but the set brush is still much dust.

The shade is very beautiful, dramatic. It can be used both solo and in tandem with the above shadows. I’m sorry that I took the white shade from this collection, together they would look adorable.

Shimmer rich, a little tight and maybe a little to crumble during application and shading.


The shade itself during the day is not satisfactory quality: very stable pigment, not showered, does not tarnish and does not roll on the eyelids. Be sure to paint the base.


The eyeshadows in this collection turned out amazingly beautiful. Yes, they are harsh, especially if you are used to working with soft shadows. In contrast with these shades in one of my recent acquisitions — four Charlotte Tilbury is just Chinese silk 🙂


However, the shade is beautiful.


Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss Liquid Bronze 808

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I have not bought the famous gossamery, they even managed to reissue since I bought the last shade.

As part of the collection came out two glitter — warm red and the brown with Golden shimmer, which the brand called liquid bronze. I liked both, but with red, I have that much, so I settled on this shade.

I really like the soft elastic sponge, which is very convenient to apply the gloss on the lips. Translucent comfortable texture glides over the lips and forms a layer even if there are slight peeling.

Pale brown base with a high content of very fine Golden shimmer, which is absolutely not noticeable on the lips. Comfortable and non-sticky texture allows almost not to notice the Shine on the lips.


It does not flow into the folds of the lips, the outline is not flowing, and the sheen does not cling to the hair.

The white rim is not slipping and perfectly softens lips, moisturizes and cares for them. Despite the fact that the coating is barely visible Golden shimmer fine shimmers on the lips.


Of course, even after a Cup of coffee, the Shine will fade, but you can upgrade it almost with my eyes closed.

Chanel Le Vernis 917 Opulence

Rarely the brand produces laki-duochrome. Their fingers can count and that is why the choice fell on this shade. My past in the form of a passionate collector and collector of Chanel polishes so far does not allow me to put up with the lack of room of the lacquer and the name on the bottle, this is my personal tragedy and I puzyrky these seem to be orphaned.

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Echoes lacquer lip gloss in shade. It is brown with a Golden shimmer-dust, but looking green vial. Clean the back of the brown beetle.

The brush is convenient, at this time there are two or without defects. The paint is quite liquid and therefore a sufficient amount on the brush to adapt. The first painting I have taken on too much and the layers turned out too thick, so a couple of nails were covered with small bubbles. So that the layers of varnish should be as thin as possible.

Nail Polish strips lies that are slightly smoothed in the second layer. To expect from this texture back is naive.


As I said, the coverage you need two layers of varnish, otherwise it will look very flat. Thin layers dry quickly — two layers to the base with the top will dry in about 15 minutes. Depending on how you applied. Durability usually is not great — I took 2 days, then the paint has started to split at the nail. But at me all varnishes Chanel clutch.

Many do not like duochrome and metallics, considering that they are capricious and too difficult to apply smoothly. But the texture is different from the creams usually are the most beautiful 🙂 there Must be diversity.


And how do you Christmas Chanel?

Your Nadya

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