Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour Longwear 608 Légèreté

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Many authors have already started to show new products from the fall collections. But I hate the onset of fall, I live in the South, and we still +35C. So that summer sings, and today I will show nail Polish Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour Longwear 608 Légèreté from summer cruise collection Eclat et Transparence de Chanel 2018.

Digressing a bit from the topic, I will say that in the cruise collection Eclat et Transparence de Chanel 2018 promo me interested in two products – four shades and this nail Polish. However, when meeting in person I decided that the palette is not bad, but all the shades one way or another in my collection already present, and the amount of cosmetics is growing steadily. Therefore, it was decided to have only one lacquer Chanel Le Vernis Longwear 608 Légèreté.

All ecomaniacs familiar packaging, the bottle, and the brush. With your permission, the brush I don’t show I will not, I do not like when the nail Polish it dries in a strong wind. Summer nail wanted to shoot in the sunlight outside, and we have the second weekend in a row – hot northeast.

The texture of the Polish is a cream, not too thick or liquid, in the same measure. It easily fit on the nail, however, if you try to make the first layer as thin as possible – can porosity. For me the best option is two layers. But if you don’t have the time or inclination – can be limited to one medium thickness layer will get quite wearable.

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Microcamera in the lacquer is not, in any case, I look at him I couldn’t.

Gloss varnish have good native. In the photo the top is not covered, but usually wear with a top for the safety of the manicure.

Just read in the post InGa17 that matte Polish from the autumn collection is unstable. Maybe this is a feature that is matte copies. I have all the Dacians from the updated line of Chanel worn for five or six days, by the end of the period socks can be a bit to jam the ends (subject to the application of the top), and 608 Légèreté is not an exception to the General rule.

And now most importantly, what interests the lover of Chanel polishes – the color in different lighting.

I love green polishes. But I guess it’s time to select a new color collection – gray-green, or green-gray, as you like.

Lacquer lives up to its name – the color is a light, easy, fits in perfectly with a variety of images and give them a twist.

Depending on the lighting it looks more green then grey. Color echoes the greens of grass and foliage at the expense of gray makes it in tune with the stones and the trunks of trees (it’s hard to say this idea is spontaneous or inspired by the review argentummist, it has a hint of mchistory. Even an Association with the fabric color of natural linen. Many define it as khaki. I believe that this is not hacks. The most accurate peripheral part of the inflorescence Brassica (not pink-purple Central).

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And here Légèreté in the company of a close friend Washed Denim, for clarity, one can see that Denim Washed gray, and Légèreté green.

Here in a bottle Washed Denim, and the nails — Légèreté, too, for clarity:

I would put in a series of four nail Polish -another Horizon Line and Garçon, but I have these two there.

I think is especially suitable Légèreté to rest on the sea coast, but not in the height of summer and in the autumn season, in September, Soft sun, the peaceful sea, gray-green pebbles… Another interpretation of the mood, which last fall created a Horizon Line. The varnish, which then was not destined to round out my collection, and the place which this year took Légèreté.

Two weeks later I go on vacation, and Légèreté already waiting for his moment, or rather, the Sunny hours!

Volume: 13 ml.

Price: .approximately 1500 discount on VIP card

Rating: 5

Fans of green paint and not the only one who still liked Légèreté?

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