Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour Longwear – 610 Halo

I haven’t bought lucky favorite brand is, frankly, quite impressed with the latest releases. Harder to choose something for the soul, isn’t interesting shades.

Don’t want to sound boring, but two autumn matte varnish is not liked, despite my lack of similar textures, at the moment did not buy, maybe I’ll come back to review them later.

But eyes fell on a copy of the summer issue, in “pink flamingos”, the handsome Halo.

In the specifications all pretty standard, just a cream Polish medium density, no shimmer, created by the type of enamel. The first layer is impossible to lay smoothly, visible bands, but the second one completely fixes the situation in the photo is just 2 coats without base and top, the gloss is, does not tarnish.

The brush is perfect, not too thin, not ruffled, classic.

Speed drying — 10 to 15 minutes.

Than I am attracted to the Chanel polishes, so it’s resistance. With the advent of the word in the title Longwear manicure began to stay much longer in such short nails as I have this week!

A few words about the color. Yes, pink, but not a puppet, not a child, not pale and boring, just a discreet but noticeable that nail varnish. He SOSM not peach, though, of course, warming in the sun and fresh like a rose petal in cloudy days.

Now my hands are more tanned, so it seems that here it is summer, vacation, sun. However, I believe that Halo will improve the well-groomed aristocratic pale hands. A very French shade)

Price: around 1600 RUB discounts

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Rating: 5!

What do you think, summer or all-season it? Stylish or old-fashioned?

Thank you for your attention!

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