Chanel Le Volume Revolution

Never particularly fond of carcasses of Chanel. Classic Le Volyum fell in love with immediately. But really, the recognition of this love has developed. All carcasses with the rest of the package was the case. And here again, at the beginning of this year, the announcement of new products. Yeah some loud — that brush printed on a 3D printer, this is a breakthrough and everything. But personally, I liked the case. And I immediately knew what mascara was, I’ll take it.

The surface texture is very interesting, this is not the usual gloss of the brand, and if the traces of the brushstrokes of mascara on the surface. In the purse stands out and draws the eye.

Brush seemed to me a little more, and overall like Le Volyum. Exactly I can not compare, the last I had about a couple of years ago, the memories of her size and exact appearance podstelil from memory, but in General they are certainly similar. Is that a novelty to me still seemed larger in size.

The manufacturer wrote something about the cavities inside the brush, where it will be optimally placed mascara, it will not be over and miss her will not be too. I don’t know… the First few applications the mascara was pretty soiled, you applied too much mascara. Of course, everything was easy to fix thanks to the creamy consistency, but over time, this problem disappeared, and now, a month later, I get my lashes almost one swipe, one touch.

Apply mascara in a single layer. For work and ordinary daily Makov me this is more than enough. I get a small elongation and a very good volume. Look at the photo:

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But in the process of socks I’m beginning to find unsatisfactory. Mascara is smeared under the lower eyelid. No flaking, and it smudged a little, leaving a barely visible grey trail. It looks messy, and for this we have to follow.

Mascara waterproof, rain uneasy. But it does not wash off. I always wash the makeup 2: makeup removal and washing. No micellar water or two-phase means, no butter on a couple of the strongest foams do not wash Toshi with eyelash by 100%. Always have something extra to clean sticks. Such is the resistance))


Re-ink can not buy, if you go back to Chanel, then take the classic version Le Volyum, because the finish on the lashes is the same, but the discomfort from the new — unaffordable amount.


But how is like:

And how you reacted to the new product? Interested? Bought?

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