Chanel Les 4 Ombres in shade 308 Clair-Obscur

Good day, lovers of the beautiful!

It’s time autumn brown and beige four “Chanel”. She will give you a riot of bright colors, but it can become discreet daily inspiration.

I do not know whether to repeat, but let me remind you: autumn collection this year Chanel came out in matte textures. The packaging is also made of matte black plastic. I like this move a like: box pleasant visually and to the touch.

My choice fell on a palette in soothing brown and beige tones, under number 308 with the same discreet title Clair-Obscur. However, there is still beauty in the world, the magic of Chanel, because they do not dare to call this one plain, ordinary, pass.

The texture is amazing. She has no single flaw. The disadvantages that usually accompany shade in matte texture (chalk, difficulty in application, flowability, nekomplimentarnost age the skin), here places without completely.

Shadows are well perfectly applied with a brush with natural issue soft in feather, easy to adjust, good to wear.

I have a very good five 757 Dior Dream (with the most wonderful grey Central unit), where all the shades are also made in Matt size. But I have to admit that Chanel managed to surpass Dior in terms of comfort, durability and complementarity this texture the skin.

Shadows from Chanel turned out matte and powdery, while they do not dust and visually very soft look in his eyes, even in the age of facial folds and wrinkles (I am 😥).

Consider the color closer. Personal names of the colors.

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All the shades are neutral, making this palette almost universal. Whatever they may seem to you in the photo, in reality care in a warm no shades.

For comparison, I want to show you Chanel next to my other 100% beige palettes. In the photo below it is easy to notice how cool compared to the Chanel looks Naked 2 Basic, and as the warmth of Becca. Chanel has withstood the same balance of color, about which I wrote above.

Swatch shades on the skin of the hands under a cloudy sky and sunlight.

Shades shown from upper left and proceeding clockwise.

Before we look you in the eyes palette, let me remind you (and those who read my posts about shadows for the first time will tell), because deep-set eyes I almost always wear exclusively mono-make ie use one color. Well aware that I’m not a master of stretching the color on the skin of the eyelids, i.e., for complex multicolor make-UPS — it’s not me.

For the first makeup look using the same principle as for the promo photo of this Quartet of Chanel: a single color for the eyes and red lipstick. The similarity, of course, do not claim 😀

Hue was taken by the left in the top row. On Swatch it first.

For option # 2 were used all the other shades in the palette (2 light and the dark). On switch on the arm of the shades from second to fourth.

Palette I really like the flashy, versatile and soft beauty. Looks lovely in my life during the week office cloudy days.

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Recommend unconditionally!

Name — Chanel Les 4 Ombres 308 Clair-Obscur

Weight — 2 gr. (every shade has 0.5 oz)

Country of origin — Italy

Cost — 3100 RUB., with a maximum discount of 4 150 — full price.

Rating is 5 +

Thank you for your interest!


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