Chanel lipstick, vials of Botox effect gel sorbet and other beauty innovations

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A collection of lipsticks for lips in “vintage” cases, ampoule concentrate for the face with a spectacular Botox, the cream with Reishi mushrooms and oil for instant radiance — all the most exciting beauty innovations we tell in our review.

Lipstick Gucci (price on request)

Lipstick from Chanel have not had time to reach Russia, but about them is all talk. And it’s not even in the palette of the 58 shades. The brand creative Director Alessandro Michele is sure that the makeup is a means of expression, closely connected with other parts of the image as jewellery, hair and makeup need to emphasize their individuality.

This idea and translates new advertising campaign, the main character who was a punk singer with a “non-standard” Hollywood smile, Danny Miller. Down beauty stereotypes!

Persistent fluid Foundation and concealer Everwear Teint Couture, Givenchy (4 050 910 RUB and 2 RUB.)

Nicolas Degen, creative art Director of Givenchy makeup, presented the inseparable Duo: resistant fluid Foundation and concealer, which are kept on 24 hours a day, but very light. The secret is the polymers and glycerin, they moisturize the skin and evens the tone, and the SPF 20 filter to protect skin from harmful effects of the sun.

The palette of 20 shades divided into four groups: color, starting with 100, — the light, 200 light, 300 medium, and 400 — dark. Before a number of shade by the letter P (pink cool undertone) or Y (yellow warm undertone). Apply fluid with brush (in the collection there is a special heart-shaped), and with fingertips, and the coating allows you to apply it several times, but believe me, doing it during the day just do not have.

Concealer Teint Couture Everwear Concealer is the ideal partner Foundation fluid. It is also water-resistant, not afraid of him no sweat, no tears, no water. The novelty is presented in 10 colors.

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Ampoule concentrate for the face-Botox Effect, Byrain Switzerland (5 100 RUB.)

Ampoules with the ambitious name of Botox Effect produced Swiss brand Byrain. As you probably already guessed, the new product is an alternative to invasive techniques for the correction of wrinkles. It includes Argireline, or acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (a water solution of six amino acids), it also relaxes the muscles, due to which fine wrinkles are smoothed out after injection.

For the restoration of elasticity is responsible arginine, urea and lactic acid hydrate, a complex of amino acids and aspartic acid returns smoothness.

About the application — it’s simple: apply the product to the morning and (or) evening on a previously cleansed face, neck and décolleté during the week.

Toilet water Loewe Esencia (12 590 RUB.)

32 years ago, Loewe has released the second in its history, the fragrance for men Esencia Loewe — a spicy, Eastern tinged, woody base notes and strong notes of lavender and vetiver. This year, Emilio Valeros reissued the song is already in a concentration of perfume water.

It turned out a complex flavor with a splash of red pepper, green pepper, juniper and floral hints of lavender as top notes, followed by subtle notes of cedar, sage, Basil and vetiver. Complete the composition, the warmth of patchouli and sandalwood, complemented by the sweetness of Tonka beans. But for saturation and durability to meet the essential oil concentration in the record — as much as 22 percent.

The bottle has changed not much — classic malachite was replaced by jet black, the cap is still made of natural ash. It can be found exclusively on the shelves in the network of perfumery supermarkets “the gold Apple”.

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Moisturizing gel Mega-Mushroom from the collection of Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins (4 760 RUB.)

Dr. Andrew Weil believes that the main reason of visible skin problems, for example, appearance of redness, lies in the inflammatory process. So the main task is to soothe the skin. Help make this the Reishi mushroom (also called the mushroom of immortality), which in traditional Chinese medicine has been used medicinally for over two thousand years.

This valuable ingredient became the basis for products designed for combination, oily prone and acne skin. The gel helps to regulate the sebaceous glands, moisturizes and strengthens the skin barrier. In its composition there are other components that are used in traditional Chinese medicine: koprinus (known as a potent antioxidant) soothes, sea buckthorn (berry or Chinese) is effective to relieve irritation, oil camelina softens, and the zinc and kelp reduce the production of sebum.

Cream sorbet DayWear SPF 15, Estée Lauder (4 380 RUB.)

There are tools that are time tested, and they certainly are used to the last drop. Sure the new gel-sorbet SPF 15 DayWear from Estеe Lauder will be for you exactly. The cream is designed to protect against first signs of aging, to saturate with moisture (for 72 hours) and soften dry skin.

Separately want to tell you about the texture, it really is ultra-light, texture similar to whipped heavy cream. In the formula has no oils, so it is quickly absorbed and is almost not felt on the skin.

A part — set of five antioxidants and sunscreen (SPF 15), so we can safely say that the remedy still protects the skin from aggressive sun exposure and the environment.

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Day cream for instant skin radiance Lumene Nordic — [Valo] (1 489 rubles)

We know at least three ways to use this fluid from Lumene. It can be used instead of the usual moisturizer, it energizes dull and tired skin (thanks to wild cloudberry, vitamin C in a stable form and pure Arctic spring water for this). New product with light reflecting pigments acts as a primer, creating a glowing makeup base and extending its durability.

Finally, the fluid can be used over makeup as a highlighter delicate: for this you just need to put a few drops on exposed areas of the face.

Set of foam cleanser, moisturizing toner and cream, Seveki (1 290 rubles)

A young Russian brand Seveki has released a line of cosmetics for skin care face. Facial wash, toner and face cream included in this series are suitable for all skin types and make, perhaps, the most important moisturize.

When creating it adhered to three principles: simplicity of structure, ease of use and effectiveness of funds. The packaging States the most detailed compositions, and any buyer can find out what is the price of each item of the brand. If the standard margin cosmetic manufacturers in 6-10 times higher than the cost, the owners Seveki set of goods the minimum mark-up, which allows you to recoup costs and invest in development. In the next two months plans to release a brand chapstick, shampoo, hair mask and body cream.

If you want to get acquainted with a new brand, it is better (and cheaper) to just order the kit, consisting of a foam cleanser (soap tree extract), tonic (with babassu oil, extracts of licorice leaves and algae) and cream (with a complex of eight amino acids, squalane, Shea and jojoba oils and hyaluronic acid).

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