Chanel Ombre Première Longwear Cream Eyeshadow in shade 840 Patine Bronze cream shadow from the collection spring 2019

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Hello, dear girls!

Joyful anticipation of spring led me to some spontaneous shopping. One of them was a new shade of cream eyeshadow from the spring collection Chanel — Première’ombre Longwear Cream Eyeshadow in the shade Bronze Patine 840, which I will discuss in this post. To whom interesting, I ask under kat.

Cream shadow Chanel Ombre Première until recently absolutely not attracted me with its colors, and I always avoided them. But this time when I approached the stand with the spring collection of Chanel, the first thing I struck was Ombre Première in a new shade 840 Patine Bronze. I was literally struck by this beautiful bronze shade with a metallic sheen, I thought, here they are — my perfect shade for every day, which just fit in perfectly with my complexion. When zatista my delight knew no bounds, the purchase decision was made instantly.

Chanel Patine Bronze 840 Ombre Premiere Longwear Cream Eyeshadow

The weight of shadows in a glass šajbočka — 4 oz., shelf life 18 months made in Italy.

The shadow is also supplied with a special synthetic brush in its protective case.

Cream products, I prefer to apply with fingers, so a brush will leave in case of long nails, or if the quantity of the product will decrease so that the extraction of the finger will be simply inconvenient.

The box stated that the shade 840 Patine Bronze have a satin finish — “satiné/satin”, which in my opinion is not quite so. The finish I belong to Metallica is the name of this bronze hue.

Chanel Patine Bronze 840 in daylight

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The texture is quite dense, pigmentation is good.

Chanel Patine Bronze 840 daylight swatch

Patine Bronze glide on skin smoothly, but very quickly it freezes, which limits the possibilities of shading and correction. As seen on swatcha, the shadows accentuate the texture of the skin, as is often the case with Metallica.

Chanel Patine Bronze 840 — Swatch in daylight

Thanks to the beautiful reflections of the color on the eyes it turns out bulk this is enough for me to effectively distinguish eyes in the daily makeup.

The hue varies depending on the angle of incidence of light

In my opinion, the shade Patine Bronze is so versatile that will probably suit almost everyone, but depending on the color type can look in a General way. In my case, it matches the shade of hair, representing a basic and an off-season accent color. It is ideal as a substrate for the shooter and beautifully sets off the color ink.

Swatch window

Shade Patine Bronze in a similar way it looks in daylight and in artificial light.

Chanel Patine Bronze 840 in artificial light

If you look closely, you will notice uneven coverage. But it’s the lesser of two evils, which was waiting for me with Patine Bronze fromChanel

See for yourself how I look the shadow in a few hours:

So, obviously, all my dreams of a quick makeover with the perfect colour, but without the base, shading and other problems, crashed on the harsh reality. So I did, and no matter how applied Patine Bronze, shade smeared in dirt that you see in the photo. I must admit that all this dirt is easy to remove with your fingers, first can even redistribute the remnants of the shadows, so that in the presence of eyeliner or other eye contour you can live with it until the evening:

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Of course, the loud statements about the resistance — Longwear — my indignation knew no bounds, and I went to the Chanel website to see what else we promised:

A cream texture that becomes one with the eyelid and dresses the eyes in vibrant, easy-to-blend colour.

A palette of shades offering a satin, luminous and long-wearing result.”

So, according to the shadow Chanel Ombre Première Longwear Cream Eyeshadow:

  • become of age single entity
  • easy shade
  • sustainable (!) and have a satin finish

Based on my experience, I can say unequivocally that none of the manufacturer is not running!

Further, according to the Council Lucia Peaks, for a more intense eye makeup cream shadow ‘ombre Premiere should be applied as a normal spracovanie shadows… Try:

Premiere’ombre Longwear Cream Eyeshadow Bronze Patine + matte black shade

Admittedly, this is very good advice — the application of regular eyeshadow on top of these somehow hides this mess, so from afar baldness is not so conspicuous.

With all the above about the quality of the shadows Ombre PremièrePatine Bronze, I really like this shade that morning, my arm still reaches out to him, I regularly use although I know what you see in the mirror a couple of hours. I even, to some extent, are ready for “dancing with a tambourine” around that “bronze” products to get rid of it I have not yet raised a hand. And suddenly there is some to me yet unknown trick?

I guess I still refuse to believe in bad, because this could be such a desirable option quick make-up every day:

Finally, I note that perhaps the shadow will behave differently to those who have in principle no problem with rolling shadows. I used to be classified as “longlasting” what I do stays in place all day and is only removed during makeup removal.

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Based on this, I’d rate Chanel Ombre Bronze Patine 840 Premiere Longwear Cream Eyeshadow C grade — beautiful shade, not more. Won’t comment on the price, brand and live up to the expectations.

33€price5/10оценка3 weeks, 3P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Combination skin, sensitive skin

How do you like this shade? Like other members of the cream shadows Chanel Ombre Premiere?

And most important — question to those, who like me suffers from rolling shadows without a base:

Do you know of a cream or any other shade that are really sustainable throughout the day, but succumbed to the feather?

Thank you for your attention! I appreciate your comments 🙂

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