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Soul asked new things of Chanel, and today I will show you some of the recent purchases.

A small digression. Initially I was shopping for a new matte lipstick-Chanel Rouge pencil Le Crayon de Couleur Mat, but have not picked up a suitable shade. I hope in the next release, the brand will expand the line, because I still tried presented bright and the quality is just super!

So, what am I left the store:

To begin with, that catches the eye! Liquid matte lipstick. 2018 autumn collection.

Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Matte Liquid Lip Colour — 170 Euphorie

Why not a new matte stick pencil, a liquid lipstick? First, I felt that at number 140 Amoureux and carried her literally all summer, it is versatile, sustainable, it was wonderful and comfortable, and I thought I will definitely purchase more shades. Secondly, the pencil assumes a dense thick coating, elegant velvet finish for a bold and daring natures, and the liquid texture can stretch, to make lips brighter or dimmer, it is easier to use. So I made a choice.

A little bit about the design. The lipstick is enclosed in a small glass bottle that fits in even the smallest purse. And design update: here comes the nice matte cover with a black patent tip.

The applicator is impeccable, the flat tidy, what you need to and contour labeling, and evenly to cover lips.

Color red-pink complex, immodest berry-neon. Here’s the recipe: a little cranberries, a little raspberries, all frozen and turned into smoothies, but not in the kitchen, and in the chemical laboratory. Plus a drop of artificial coloring to enhance the brightness and let chameleonic.

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Lipstick can be applied as a thin layer of tint, I like this effect very much. For contour you should not worry in any case, in this respect, the quality of the product at altitude, and bright makeup will remain flawless. Rouge Allure Ink makes the lips sensual, not dry, does not leave chunks, do not highlights the shortcomings. Behavior to wear the rough!

Tried dostoino colors:

If you close your lips, gloss is lost, you can see, if you look from a short distance.

Price: 1,700 RUB with a max card

Rating: 5


Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara Multi-Dimensionnel Sophistique Volume Length Curl Separation — 50 Purple

Just saw the colored ink alone she lay on sale. By the way, the time she was OK until the middle of next year, by that time I will surely finish it.

This fall Chanel has released a new mascara Le Volume de Chanel Revolution with the brush made on a 3D printer, but so far in only black shade. For oznakomlenie makeup artist brand it to me, even caused. That is to say, nothing special, quite a common tool with the “thorns”, cover two coats will make the lashes visibly more dramatic, and I passed.

So the story will be about another mascara, Inimitable Intense.

Brush a little silicone, tapered tip is covered with very short fibers, so you can get to the eyelashes in the corners of your eyes, every to paint, not stain everything vokgug.

Color Purple, purple, real eggplant. Dark red with brown notes.

On hand to strike a beautiful did not, consistency is quickly grasped.

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The characteristics of a good average mascara: the claimed multi (length, curl, volume and separation) is achieved by using skillful hands and two layers. Lasts all day, removed when washing or micellar water.

Dark lashes the color of course will not be purple tide can be seen only under certain angle in bright daylight, however, this is not a disappointment, just a little softer it becomes makeup. As they say, who knows, he will consider!

Price: 1400 discounts

Rating: 5

Here’s proobraz I did. The shades in the photo look exactly how I usually see in life.

I want to again recommend to look at the lipsticks Chanel Rouge Allure Ink, my opinion— they are very good, I’m going to follow the release of new shades.

Actually, I’m not advertising the post Chanel, so will mention the brand and their new YSL lipstick in the same format Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain, to them, unfortunately I haven’t got hands, they say, they are very worthy, and beautiful colors.

Tell us if you tried!?

And don’t be afraid to buy colored mascara! Chanel produces interesting limiti that are selling out quickly, sorry, and in the permanent collection of only classic. If you are caught in the remains or will the new product — be sure to take!

Finally, yet another acquisition. New autumn 2018. Deodorant

Gabrielle Chanel Deodorant Spray

In support of scent “Gabrielle” Chanel released a series of bodies, which includes shower gel, body lotion and deodorant.

I just ran out of deodorant, I thought why not try!

Bottle 100 ml with atomizer, which need to press several times. Apparently the bottle is not under pressure, and with pump.

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Once marked, it is not a veil for body, do not smoke for hair, namely, deodorant and classic and very standard understanding. It will not replace the perfume. But with the function of ordinary deodorant copes.

Not sticky, dries quickly, does not dry, leaves underarms soft, does not irritate the skin. The scent lasts a half-day, recognizable, and pleasant, not transformered and not get bored, repeats the aroma of Gabrielle.

For me it’s just a deodorant, without magic, like, but can’t encourage and strongly advise to purchase.

Price: 2800 RUB discounts.

If you are interested in the composition:

This summer, I often wore Chanel Gabrielle in the sun, he revealed black currant and pear. And early fall it will be appropriate, but will be fresh due to the cold white flowers.

I think they make a beautiful couple!

I hope it was interesting))

Thank you for your attention!!

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