Chanel Vert 906 905 Electrum Lamé, and Lamé – eyeshadow from the Chanel Holiday collection 2019 Le Signe Du Lion


Christmas collection Chanel Holiday 2019 Le Signe Du Lion for me personally was first of all a good eye shadow. Two of them Chanel Longwear Powder Eyeshadow 906 Vert Lamé andLamé 905 Electrum — settled in my purse. For me it was unexpected, but a very deliberate purchase, which I will gladly discuss in this post.

The announcement of this Chanel collection has left me so indifferent that I wasn’t even going to test this limitu. However, when I went to the perfume shop to choose a perfume, there just was unpacking the testers of this collection, and I was curious. Later, I consciously ordered shadows, and 906 Vert Laméи 905Electrum Lamé online.

The shadows weighing 2.5 g was Packed in a cardboard box, inside a suede pouch to protect the plastic case from contamination. The packaging States that the shade is steady (Longwear Powder Eyeshadow), shelf life — 18 months. Made in Italy.

Chanel Le Signe du Lion

Shadows on top covered with a plastic membrane. The kit includes applicator and brush, which is quite convenient to apply the shadow.

Chanel Vert Lamé and Lamé 905 Electrum

The case is conveniently opened by pressing the button, the nails will remain intact 🙂

To be honest, the whole concept with the sign of the Zodiac and Leo is not causing me any particular emotion. Also despite the fact that the collection Le Signe Du Lion festive, I see Vert Lamé and Lamé 905 Electrum in the first place practical sense and do not associate them directly with Christmas celebrations.

When I came across these testers, I carelessly struck the eye and walked out of the store. Then, looking in the mirror, I realized that they fit me perfectly in many ways.

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Chanel Lamé Vert — LE Holiday 2018

Dark khaki Vert Lamé for me the same as universal as black and neutral Golden color 905 Electrum Lamé it perfectly complements. Depending on the method of application of these two shadows can be created as easy daily make-up and dramatic evening look. The shadow in any light satin look, with fine, Golden sparks of both colors at any angle does not look flat.

905 Electrum Lamé Chanel LE Holiday 2019

When applying 905 Electrum Lamé falls as the smallest gold plating. Despite such a bright shade, it completely covers the skin and blends easily with the dark shadows, so the shading in this case is minimal.

Swatch in daylight at the window — 905 Electrum Lamé

In addition to the metallic gloss, both shade contain tiny particles of shimmer, which is very beautifully reflect the light.

906 Vert Lamé — daylight Vert Lamé 906

The shadows were very easy to apply. For greater objectivity, I used the supplied applicators and brushes.

The texture is very soft, they are easily typed on a brush and applicator, but it does not dust and do not crumble.

Khaki color in all its glory 🙂

When applying shadow, I as always used the base, because without her I have any shadows roll down before I have time to do a Swatch. With the base they have stayed with me all day until the evening without obvious changes.

Chanel Vert 906 905 Electrum Lamé and Lamé. Photo on the street

Below photos were taken late in the evening under artificial lighting.

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Summing up, I can confidently say that very happy with the eye shadow Chanel 906 905 Vert Lamé and Lamé Electrum from the collection Le Signe du Lion Holiday 2018. With them I can make as simple day makeup and a bright festive look. The quality of the shadows I have no complaints, they are comfortable to use and based on hold all day to make-up remover.

35€цена10/10оценка2 day, 1P/danapalooza skin Type: Combination skin, there are annauniversity color
Excellent soft texture
The combination of spectacular sparkle and tiny shimmer
Ease of use Pretty high price
Limited edition

How do you like these shades? You think of the festive new year or is appropriate for everyday wear?

Thank you for your attention!


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