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All pictures are taken by daylight PR

Once again examining the photo archive, I came across a photo of wonderful nail Polish, perfect for the winter season, Dance Legend 08 Eurydice.

Released in 2016 in the summer collection Pedicure, and as the only I of all the 12 shades, it is, in my opinion left out the attention. I want to correct this misunderstanding, especially as he deserves it! And, Yes, of course I couldn’t not to paint his nails again, but the post use last year’s photo, because now the nails are even shorter.

For me, Eurydice is beautiful at any time, for it combines not only your favorite shades, but also textures (!). In the cold state the Polish is a plum cream, if you increase the temperature on the fingers flaunts a bright raspberry jelly. Change shades happen literally within seconds. Naturally, the longer the nails the more pronounced the effect Ombre.

The varnish is pigmented perfectly, thanks to the pinkish-crimson microsummary, clearly visible in both States, color is even more intense. While easy to apply (two coats giving full coverage), and dries quickly. Brush standard “Denisovskaya”.

The finish is glossy, but I thought it a little and I used a glossy top, making the transitions between colors are more contrasting. Durability 4-5 days, after which the ends started to jam. Removes easily without staining the nail plate.

By the way, the composition contains tea tree oil, which is definitely useful for nails, but gives a rather peculiar smell varnish, which, however, is not critical, given its beauty.

Volume of vial: 12 ml.

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Rating: 5+

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