Chantecaille Bliss Cheek Shade

By the spring of this brand Chantecaille has created another wonderful collection. In terms of design limited-edition products they have no equal in some measure. All these bas-reliefs, prints, boxes — all these I want to have at least for collection purposes.

So that’s a wonderful collection. At first blush released with the image of bees, elephants, horses, corals, butterflies, turtles. All shades are in the permanent collection, added intrigue only image and even, it seems, left them in a constant range.

A little further and more interesting brand went, when the Chinese new year has released a highlighter with a picture of a dog (hmm, wolf))) and delicate limited edition rose as a blush, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the brand.

Usually blush is enclosed in a tiny flat metal pebble, imitating the shape of a flat stone, but this time he has designed everything on the highest level. Rose not only inside but also outside. In my opinion, this splendor.

Even in direct sunlight blush pink seem cold, shimmering. When I got them, I thought “how cool, I will be the first pale pink blush on the cold cold season!”

But the intrigue remained until the last moment, that is swatches…

By the way, there’s the packaging. Standard purple box limited also graced the relevant pattern.

… so, about Swatch. On untanned skin blush suddenly went warm spot:

This is especially noticeable on the fingers:

A shimmer, as usual, is erased from the first application. I would like to see these tints. At the finish of the blush is rather matte. Even my first blush in the shade Laughter I seem to be more radiant.

Resistance, as always with blush Chantecaille — phenomenal. On me they last longer than all the others. In the photo below — make-up 12 hours and they are still in place, despite the past hours, support of the cheeks on the palms and so and so.

Bliss Cheek Shade definitely require warm image, and then they have to obey.

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