Charlize Theron — 43: what the actress thinks about aging, female beauty and stereotypes

Charlize Theron

Today, August 7, Charlize Theron turned 43. Tall, stately, with Golden shiny hair, beautiful skin and iced blue eyes — hardly anyone will argue with the fact that the actress with age it becomes only more beautiful. The star is confident that in Hollywood against attractive women there is an unexpected trend… “is a truly multifaceted role to receive people who are physically suitable for them. And to the point. How many roles will fit the two-meter luxury models evening dress? When it comes to casting for the role of a strong, handsome retire first,” said Charlize in an interview with GQ. However, the actress has repeatedly confided in an interview with reporters. SPLETNIK.RU collection of the most interesting celebrity quotes about beauty, aging, loved ones the means to care for skin and beauty tips mom.

About how appearance affects her work

Truly a multi-faceted role to receive people who are physically suitable for them. And to the point. How many roles will fit the two-meter luxury models evening dress? When at auditions it was about a really interesting cast, beautiful people have always been the first person asked to leave the room.

Frame from the film “Tully”
A scene from the movie “devil’s Advocate”

A scene from the movie “snow white and the huntsman”

Frame from the film “Prometheus”

A scene from the movie “Head in the clouds”

Frame from the movie “Mad Max: fury Road”

About aging

We live in a society where women fade with age, and men become better as a good wine. And for a long time women put up with it. We expected that the society will change, but now take the situation into their own hands. Be a lie to say that women experience due to age less than men. But there are some unrealistic standards of appearance, that the woman after 40 is required to follow.

I, like many of us treat aging women reprehensible. But it makes us feel torn by the flower in the front is just fading. Now I realize that age is just a number and that has its own charm in every moment of life. Here is my farewell to 20-year-old, who are afraid of aging: do not be nervous over nothing and go easy on the Chardonnay. Aging is not so bad.

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About confidence

I don’t remember my mom ever said, “isn’t she beautiful?” She could say: “Listen to how she sings” or “Read a poem that she wrote.” She was proud of what I do, but not how I look.

About motherhood

After I had my son, often wanted to ask: “I am the only mother not understanding, what to do?” In our world still has the stigma of motherhood: turning a blind eye to the fact that a woman during pregnancy and parenting. If you need to know and be able to do from birth.

The pleasure miss practice

I don’t have a fitness routine. I like yoga. But now I’m at the stage when it is easy give up hours spent in the gym, and would rather spend this time with children. Believe me, it will give me a lot more fun.

On the exterior

I don’t want to look like a guy, and I don’t want to fight like a man. I want to fight as a woman. And I don’t understand why we get so much negativity for something that sexy dress. I often hear: “If you want to be taken seriously don’t dress like that.” You know what? I am a woman and I can wear this mini skirt and these heels dvenadtsatitsilindrovy as you want and wherever you want!

About the shame of the female body

I feel kind of bad thoughts that in our society it’s OK to watch the guys rip each other’s heads, but if the child see a bare breast Janet Jackson at the super bowl, there’s a scandal. It’s not the end of the world! It’s just a breast!

About accepting yourself

Many do not realize that no matter what other people think of you, you yourself, the one person with which to live life. I do love myself. I’m comfortable in my body. Of course, there are days when I look in the mirror and think: “something not good”. And sometimes with hair and makeup — I can look how good I am. I think this happens to every woman.

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About skin care

I’m a mom, and taking care of children takes up most of my time, but take care of the skin is obtained only by the night (when Jackson and August had already gone to bed). In the morning I just take a shower, brush my teeth and apply sunscreen. That’s all. Twice a week I use a scrub or exfoliating lotion Instant Gentle Exfoliant, Dior. From cleansers I like the gel La Mer. I never used elixirs or something like that, but in the Dior Prestige line is a great serum Le Nectar De Nuit with an incredible scent of roses, here in front of her can’t resist. Also I use a moisturizing cream L’or De Vie La Creme, Dior Prestige La Creme or. In winter, turn on the legendary Creme De La Mer.

About your favorite makeup

I always carry lip balm and La Mer sunscreen La Roche-Posay. I always “bullied” on yourself and children — we never leave home without big sunglasses.

About beauty

I’m not a big fan of beauty treatments, but every few weeks I go to the Institute for skin care, which is located in West Hollywood, to the beautician Mile Morsi. I would recommend this place to all my friends and my mom, too, here drive.

About beauty sins

Sometimes I go to sleep, do not wash makeup. Doesn’t everyone do this periodically? You’re tired, climbed under the covers and sweetly slept, and then woke up, realizing that it is not washed before… Then you come to the mirror the next morning and exclaim: “Oh my God!” If we were all perfect it would be boring to live.

About hair care

In the fashion I have just — I love classic things. But with hair things are different, somehow I was not so afraid to experiment. I happily decided on any haircut. As for the food, I have noticed a difference between sulfate and sulfate-free formulas, so always prefer shampoos and conditioners without sulfates.

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About icons of beauty

I’m a fan of Kate moss. In it something is, it’s impossible to describe with words… It’s real, and I like it. When I was a teenager, I adored Actresses such as Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange, and McDormand is one of the sexiest women that have ever lived on earth. I am inspired by talented people.

About your favorite flavor

I have been most loyal fan of J’adore, Dior. This is a very subtle flavor. You know, some perfumes are so heavy that when you give someone a hug, you feel the flavor in my mouth. When I use J’adore, my son says, “Mom, that smells good!” (she might have other favorite brand, but the role of the messenger to Dior not possible to mention in an interview due to other brands. — Approx. ed.).

The error of youth

Oh, dashing 90-e! Eyebrows-threads, lips drawn above the contour, a large number of cosmetic products — that’s the worst beauty mistakes me for twenty years.

On their secret skills

I’m a great driver, I grew up on a farm. I’m also perfectly clean, I love to wash. Returning from a trip, I open the suitcase and you can start a lot of Laundry at 4:30 in the morning. When you walk into the kitchen and start to wash, already can not stop, it is so addictive!

About plastic surgery

I prefer not to judge the people who decided on surgery. I’m only 43 years, so think about that when I’m 54. We all want to age beautifully. My God, women are under so much pressure! With such demands on themselves and the eternal obsession with youth I’m not surprised we all become part of this beauty race that seems to be getting more and more crazy.

On the advice mom

My mom always told me that the main thing is just to be happy. Be happy with your life and how you want to live it. When you are happy, it shows in your eyes, no cream will give you this effect. Emotions should be born in your heart, in your soul.

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