Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette Exaggereys or I made a mistake and was delighted by it


Oh, and ungrateful thing to overlook a very basic tip, but I’m not looking for easy ways. Today wash bone Exaggereyes Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette.

While contemplating this post, my head is spinning, I can’t beautifully Uttagsautomat this palette. Why? Because it is primarily the real classic Deluxe shadow Voile, delicate, neutral in color, with the expectation of daily use. They do not possess nuclear pigmentation, not very effectively sfotkatsya in pictures on the Internet is also not eye-catching. “Scooooooo” you say. Possible. But personally, I’m already drowning in big palettes, vysokomehanizirovannyh colored metallics, and I did not like the palette very basic, small, but with different textures and all the colors suited me. Another personally my pen — I think his appearance is not very contrasting, so much dark colors I use rarely, only when the mood to paint like last time). I know many can’t live (without black color in the palette, I have it as a rule are idle. In travel or in hot weather when makeup don’t want/too lazy I rarely use shades darker than the average restoremessage.

And apparently many share my opinion on the shade — Exaggereys constantly sold out, and at the office. the website was listed as a best seller! It’s funny, but I ordered this one by mistake. Hunting for the elusive Pillow talk, which captivated me with the sweet rogovskoy and which is also constantly out of stock. On the promotional photos they look almost the same, and… I accidentally ordered this. The error was found only when the notice came that the Pillow talk in the presence of???? and very upset. Again was upset when the palette came. I reached the same”, Bruuuuce”, decided to give someone, but start up once out of politeness and… needless to say that this is now my favorite basic palette?

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Now, in order. Packing miniature, Reilly too. A mirror in the lid opens to 180 degrees, if anyone is important. I can’t wait to include it in a minimalistic set in a journey seem to just want to “put it in your pocket and go”. Traditional velvet pocket there — and great. The edges of the palettes a bit tangy for my taste, but if it is to complain about. No, God forgive me, sponge and brush. In General, nothing more, on the one hand, on the other — it all increases the cost of the product relative to the cost of the palette. Made in Italy, shadows a little, to 5.2 g.

Despite the fact that Charlotte in the promo photos always some supermodel, this palette as never before for the average user. Well as simple, which is 53$ for a small four shadows ???? .

Concept: we have two shimmery shade, one for the inner corner and one on the entire mobile eyelid, matte rastushevok and glitter for a festive mood — that’s how I usually build my daily makeup, nothing more. Variations of this set not much to get, but going in 5 minutes is possible not to think you already thought of that, and that’s fine.

Swatch in daylight without base:

A light creamy shimmer has almost no color, but duochrome gold and the beautiful in the inner corner. Bright, soft and pigmented, a beautiful highlighter.

Gold neutral shimmer on the eyes is very thin, almost does not have its own color densities. Typical luxury shimmer — not metal, not foil, nothing fashionable-integralnogo when doing a Swatch — shortness of breath. Not too bright, not too dark. Very elegant and very user-friendly.

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Matt rastushevok . On my screen shamelessly brick, but it’s not. Again, not too dark and not too light. Brown with a reddish-pinkish undertone. Soft and fairly pigmented. Complex color can’t call it neither warm nor cold, he chameleonic depending on what to combine. Tried to put him in the Golden make-up and in cold pink-purple — fine shades of accent color on a movable century. Tusuet itself, it can be applied left heel, closed my eyes, — lay like a native.

Glitter in electric light

Glitter. Here is debatable, of course. No, the glitter-a beautiful neutral silver glitter on a translucent neutral brown base. Since almost does not have its own color densities, solo will not work, its nice to put on some other color, according to the logic samples assume that you have a Golden shimmer. Very expensive-looking sparkles, almost like a moist highlight on the eyelid. Only now dry to the touch. Eye tolerated well, but crumbles when applied shamelessly, alas, even if applied to a base for glitter. To wear, however, does not fray. Honestly — I prefer the glitter from Hourglass, with them no problem at all.

Glitter in natural light

Now in the Studio the most boring makeup:

Rastushevok in the crease, on the entire mobile eyelid shimmer and highlighter in the area. Glitter is not applied.

A picture of the phone has a better shade restoremessage.

Same, but with the glitter on top (without any base for the glitter) — make-up played a wet patch of light.

Unsuccessfully trying to catch the beautiful bikomagu a flashlight.

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Totalthat we have. Very basic expensive luxury palette. If we had seen it all before? Of course. If a unique shades? At all. BUT. This is the perfect minimalistic palette, which really wipe up holes. If you want to have a magic wand for every day, if you paint in condition to “stand up, and forgot to Wake up”. If you want only one luxury palette and to paint in her work (though I’m afraid “to want just one palette” — not for the visitors of this website???? ). With this palette you can make up in the dark with my eyes closed in the bus the finger and be fine. It is on days when you don’t want to think about the makeup, but want to enjoy it.

Price: 39 pounds

Rating: 9/10 because let’s be honest: I’m excited, but very expensive)

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