Checkmate! Matte lipstick Sephora Color Lip Last in shade 40 Red cherry

I love matte lipstick. For me they are some kind of attribute in the adult female. Because frivolous lip gloss can smear even in the fifth grade with zero makeup and a matte lipstick requires you to be a handsome woman with the appropriate makeup, wardrobe and behavior in General.

So I’m in constant search of new colors, types, styles, packages, fragrance… well, matte lipsticks. And now I want to share with you its regular.

As usual I have it, it was not considered and weighted purchase. It was “wow, the action, take the lipstick, and you still have two lipsticks! I really need more lipsticks!”. And, in principle, in the store, I considered that I grabbed on sale, and just took fundamentally nodoby shade of those that were available.

And I grabbed an instance of a matte lipstick from Sephora’s line of Lip Color Last. My shade 40, which is absolutely not clear reason to me is called “red cherry”. Of course, I don’t know what cherries in my life seen the author of the naming of the shade, but all the cherries, who met on my way was clearly not as purple. But about the tone later.

The lipstick was Packed in mica, which was a whole lot of information stickers.

In the stick product is 1.7 grams.

The claimed durability of up to 10 hours and water resistance.

A second English-language literacy. The word translated as waterproof waterproof, that is, the water does none of it. There is a similar phrase water resistant — that it just translates as water-resistant, but that means water rinse product is still possible. Pay attention to this subtlety, because usually both words translate the same, but the meaning is different. Especially for inks, which resist the water itself is very bad, and in fact no one is cheating, we simply do not read the package.

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Here’s the lineup. There is nothing supernatural. Pay attention that the composition is quite hard, then you are no protective oils, so moisture should not wait at all.

By itself the lipstick is very thin, unconventionally thin tube and stick, respectively, is also quite thin. The top of the cap of a plaque with a hint (it’s a bit more blueberry than the shade of lipstick), on the bottom is a sticker with the shade number. The silver belt letters logo. Very simply and concisely. Black glossy plastic happily collects all masorini and dust particles that are within a meter, as well as prints of my chubby fingers.

The packaging is quite standard and boring

Shade of lipstick is not cherry red. It is definitely purple. I could write now about the shade of BlackBerry juice on the lips hot summers in the village with my grandmother, but there is no room for imagination, because purple is absolutely clear without a hint of potony, midtones and peritoni sorts.

Inside lipstick voooot so much. With all her subtlety and finesse, this is not enough for the price that she asked for. The stick is made with high quality and durable, not loose, the cut is smooth, the eye rejoices, I rejoice with eye.

She is… I can’t say that easily glides on the lips, because any matte lipstick has a more dry consistency and therefore has features of the application. Among all the other matte that stands out, just moderately distributed and dry lips. The smell I can’t feel nothing at all.

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Without any preludes in the form of swatches on the hands and feet go straight to the point. And that’s not good. How to watch this and not cry, I just have no idea.

It becomes dull immediately, that’s normal lipstick requires about 10 minutes to harden and Samatovich (no napkins, pripudrivania and something else this is not for people lazy like me). So at first on the lips have a wet finish, by the way, very cute. But I’m sure to watch you will not finish though a full finish, and how bad the lipstick went.

From the mucosa of the pigment did not go at all, and when overlaying all huddled in the folds of the lips and went to pieces, and even lumps.

Lipstick is rolled up lips in some strange lumps

After 10 minutes, the lipstick froze and became opaque. The shade is very beautiful but it is very bad.

On the lips is felt quite a comfortable, dry, like any matte lipstick, yeah, not gonna lie. But not to a crisp on the lips, so I would not say that direct is critical. Feels the same as any soft mat lip from NYX.

Now let’s speak about durability. I remind you that on the packaging it stated 10 hours. Lie. Just a blatant lie. I could not bring purple lips three days. THREE DAYS, CARL! Washed everything in the Arsenal. Ter brushes Yes scrubs. But no, this lipstick has decided when to leave, not me.

I wrote a post, seeing the pictures and decided that I should more carefully prepare lips for application of lipstick, degrease. I assumed then it will be better. And here I was preparing her lips, moistened Yes I skrobela them frantically in the morning to open the cap and… just had the lipstick from the stick. I was upset because at first she fell to his pant leg and left a bright purple stain on the black fabric, and we remember how persistent she is. The place where she landed hard on the laminate, I also could not get off. In General the desire to save the stick, which rolled on the floor and gathered all the dirt under the sofa, I have not. So lipstick for me was literally disposable, unfortunately.

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Rating: 1

Price: 750 re

I will assume that is bad so that’s the shade of the entire line, because it is the most dark and complex.

Anyone familiar with other representatives? As they have with the workability on the lips and vitality?

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