Cheerful Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily #510 Caterina

D&G is pleased to release summer lipsticks with a light coating. Couldn’t resist and bought the summer shade of #510 Caterina.

As a lover of lipsticks, D&G, could not get past lip-balms. Especially in the summer when you want ease and in clothing and in makeup!

What pleased us Dolce and Gabbana?

The collection includes 16 shades, called female names. Shades will be enough for everyone: there are Nude, and coral, and pink, and plum. All the colors are calm, translucent, suitable for daily use. The series is marked “colour and care lipstick”, ie in addition to nice shades we still care promise.

Packing: Carton box glossy black in color. Inside the Golden.

The lipstick is placed in an oblong boxthat follows the cases of a series of Passion Duo. The only difference is that in the series Passion Duo they are completely Golden, and Miss Sicily gold with black.

Color – orange with splashes of red and coral. Very beautiful! The prevailing shade of orange warm color. Glossy, translucent. Shimmer not.

The texture of the lipstick balsam. Very comfortable! Sensations when applied like melted butter, but not greasy. Coating of the resulting gel, and wet lung.

The smell is sooooo easy. The lipstick smells like roses.

Care is! Lips moisturized after application. All the time, while the lipstick on the lips, I almost do not feel. Lies like balm. Over time, the gloss fades and becomes more satin lipstick, but my lips still moisturized.

Durability. But it is not. Lipstick imprinted on mugs, Cutlery… If you want long-lasting lipstick — it’s not about this instance. After a Cup of tea / coffee will fade, and if something to eat will disappear from the center of the lips. But lipstick is not declared as persistent. Wait balm resistance makes no sense.

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Layering can leak during the loop! So don’t wear it without a transparent contour pencil.

Consumption of large. Lipstick melting texture, so consumed quickly.

Look at her “in”. The light of day. Shade transferred reliably.

Price: 2870 RUB before discounts

Rating: 4 (of possible shoots for the circuit)

I’ll buy any other shades? Yes. But the bright shades that would not think about the possible rastekanija.

My name is Vita.

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