Chic buttocks in a month: it is real

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If you truly admire such celebrities as Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, but rather is jealous of their wonderful buttocks, should think that it is time to move towards your dream. And start pumping ass.

The exercises that we have prepared in this article will help you tighten the buttocks in 4 weeks and make your body more attractive.

For a start – buy a jump rope. It is a very versatile tool thanks to which you can do anytime, anywhere. In just 10 minutes you can get rid of 500 calories. When you exercise jumping rope develops endurance, respiratory and cardiovascular system stronger and also work leg muscles.

Jumping rope not less than three minutes and be sure to do three sets. Gradually increase the time jumping.

Squats – a classic of the genre for those who want to have beautiful thighs and buttocks. This exercise has a restorative effect. And also helps to create beautiful relief and increases the volume of the buttocks.

Then you will need a small platform, which is commonly used in training aerobic. You can use any other upland bench or chair, or to do exercises on the stairs. Do 30 reps, three sets.

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