Chic matte lipstick Makeup Revolution Lip Lava in Tremor shade

Lipstick Makeup Revolution Lip Lava Tremor

I’m not a fan of liquid matte lipsticks, as the most part they all look on the lips, like putty, emphasizing all the texture and the tiniest flaking.And uncomfortable for me… But seeing this baby fromMakeup Revolution London, I could not resist and ordered one lipstick from the Lip Lava, which literally can be translated as “liquid lava.”It is not clear what he wanted to say the manufacturer, called the series of these lipsticks, but don’t be afraid to burn the lips after the product is!).

If you look closely at the design of the lipstick, comes to mind the brand Too Faced… This is not surprising, because the Makeup Revolution often produces products similar to famous and expensive brands.

The lipstick is packaged in a cardboard box where all the information is located:

Lipstick Makeup Revolution Lip Lava Tremor

In a series ofLip Lava included a total of five lipsticks that are very frustrating.I would like to see a wider color palette.I chose the neutral shade called Tremor:

Lipstick Makeup Revolution Lip Lava Tremor

As you can see, instead of a brush, the lipstick contains a soft applicator nose through which you want to apply lipstick on the lips.At first I cautiously reacted to this applicator, as it is not very fond of such media format.But, it turned out that nothing wrong with this: this “spout” is very easy to draw the contour of the lips and apply the lipstick without the help of improvised means.

The shade of a Tremor-very tender, little “only I apply it winter” shade that will suit many girls.The color is not really my style, but strangely very fond of me.This shade looks great, as sudovym and bright eye makeup.

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Lipstick Makeup Revolution Lip Lava Tremor

The texture of the lipstick is creamy and quite dense, with the first layer giving a bright and rich color with no bald spots.It is completely absent of shimmer and on the lips it looks matte.Of course, it’s not such a dull and heartless Matt like Lime Crime, but it’s good.Significant plus of this lipstick is that it does not freeze on the lips like putty and not a “clay” of the lips.She has a terrific durability! Personally, I have this lipstick kept safely 5-6 hours(longer I just didn’t wear it) and can withstand a small snack and a Cup of tea.From more fatty food partly erased lipstick from the center of the lips, so it will need to be updated.But, the color pigments still remain on the lips.

This lipstick does not dry lips unlike most matte “girlfriends” and is easily removed in the usual mitsellyarnoi.

So the lipstick in the shade Tremor looks on the lips:

Lipstick Makeup Revolution Lip Lava Tremor

Overall, this lipstick surprised me, and I continue to use it with great pleasure.Despite the fact that this lipstick, like the rest of the products of the brand Makeup Revolution is made in China, the specifications is very good at it(and smell it!).In my opinion, this is a great budget option.

Made in China.

Price: 300 rubles.

Rating:5 out of 5.

Thank you for your attention! All peace and good!

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