Chin: the causes of and methods of disposal

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The specialist told us why many people have second chin, and gave simple advice on how it can be eliminated.

Sooner or later every woman faces with the appearance of double chin. Fitness trainer and nutritionist Valeria, Lusco called the main reasons for its occurrence, giving useful tips on how to eliminate it.

Reason # 1. Genetics. Due to the fact that the ligaments of the skin weakens, it starts to hang, forming a second chin. To fight it, we need to strengthen the epidermis, making procedures, sealing the skin, regularly use special creams.

Reason # 2. Gravity. Sooner or later, the ligaments that hold the skin will still lose its elasticity. Prevention is best recommended lifting. The threads form a kind of hammock, which does not allow the skin to fall.

Reason # 3. The structure of the face. The wrinkles on the neck is most prone ladies with round face shape. To avoid their formation, we can resort to lifting. But running the situation can be solved only with the help of plastic surgery.

Reason # 4. Weight. Often, a double chin appears due to excess body weight. If substantial weight loss, the skin will droop even more. To avoid this, it is necessary to condense the epidermis with special creams, fabric masks and treatments and most importantly – to lose weight properly!

– You need to eat more vegetables and protein, eat small portions and do not eat huge amount of fast carbs and fat. Not to forget about physical exercise, – said Valery, Losco.

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