Chinese Biotech firm Jland offered an alternative to collagen

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Chinese firm Jland Biotech has developed Reallagen alternative to collagen does not contain ingredients of animal origin, to mimic and replenish the levels of collagen 3-type in the skin.

The company is engaged in the research and development of collagen non-animal origin for over ten years, but only recently managed to mass produce Reallagen. Jland Biotech promotion this product two years ago in China, and the rapid expansion of business led her to seek opportunities to work abroad.

“Over the past two years, the business developed very quickly. Only a year of work we managed to establish a network of distributors worldwide. We have also established a sales office in Europe and established contacts with major companies,” said MS yuan.

Reallagen created using the technology of yeast fermentation and genetically engineered to simulate collagen type 3. This substance was designed to have the same structure as human collagen, moreover, it has good compatibility with the skin of a person.

Serine yuan, a representative of the Jland Biotech, noted that Reallagen allows you to solve a number of problems in the cosmetics industry: “In cosmetics, people are looking for ingredients of non-animal origin. Our collagen following this trend. It is safe for vegans and can be used for Halal products. We believe that this is the future. In the case of other collagen you will not know the source of its origin, except that he was probably from fish. But we can assure you of the safety of our ingredient.”

Ms. yuan said that Reallagen passed numerous third-party clinical trials within the country and abroad to test its effectiveness. For example, it was discovered that the product has high rates of transdermal absorption. According to the company, the anti-ageing properties Reallagen superior to traditional collagen by 200%.

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Reallagen is also compatible with a number of other ingredients, which facilitates its use in different formulations, stated in Jland Biotech. The raw product is available as a pure powder and 1% solution.

The company is also developing semi-finished products containing RealAge – collagen balls Collagen Balls Reallagen. They contain 35% Reallagen and can be combined with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. Ingredients freeze-dried, eliminating the need for preservatives

17 April, Moscow will host the conference of the company Mesopharm “a Scientific approach to aesthetic medicine. Current issues and trends in the industry.”

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