Chinese blogger begins the trial with Estee Lauder

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Famous Chinese blogger Hao Yu claims that he is suing the company Estée Lauder, stating that its premium brand La Mer is responsible for misleading advertising.

Hao, who is also known as “Doctor Big Mouth,” announced more than a million of their fans on Weibo (a Chinese service micro-blogging) has filed a civil lawsuit against a cosmetic manufacturer.

According to the posts Hao, published on Weibo, a blogger requires Estée Lauder damages, which amounted to 5,800 yuan (844 USD). In addition, he also wants Estée Lauder issued a public apology in the newspaper.

News of the lawsuit came a few days after September 26, Hao wrote a sarcastic message in Weibo, which said: “Yin-Yang sites, fake ads, La Mer, how long will you lie to Chinese consumers?”.

The thing is that the blogger compared the description of beauty product Crème de la Mer in Chinese and Japanese and American sites are trademarks of La Mer. How to define Hao, on Chinese website La Mer is said that this product has a restorative effect, and that he eliminated the burn scars of Dr. max Huber, its Creator. However, American and Japanese sites, according to Hao, La Mer describes the properties of Crème de la Mer as “mitigating”.

According to the profile of the blogger, Hao graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a doctorate in organic chemistry, he also worked on product development for the Chinese division of L’oréal for six years before becoming a blogger.

In August Estée Lauder announced that La Mer for the last quarter of 2018 for the first time crossed the level of income in billion dollars. The company attributed the success of the brand to Chinese consumers, particularly the Chinese-the Millennials, who made up more than 40% of the initial consumers of La Mer.

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Overall, sales of Estée Lauder in China for the first time reached one billion U.S. dollars, which allowed La Mer to become the fourth brand in the portfolio of the company and helped increase sales by 29% in the Asia-Pacific region.

It is too early to speak about how La Mer impact of negative publicity created by the post Hao, which already has collected more than 100 000 97 000 likes and reposts. At the moment La Mer not responded to the accusations Hao.

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