Christmas begins with powder mono eyeshadow Ombre Chanel Premiere Holiday 2018 No. 907 Cuivre LAMÉ

Cristmas ideas

Hello, girls!

Today I want to tell and show You interesting shadows from the Christmas collection of makeup Chanel Maxima Rhythm Libre De Chanel Makeup Collection Holiday 2018.

Part of the collection.

Honestly, I wasn’t planning to write a post on these shadows, therefore they are not new, but having tried them a few times, my mind changed.

Immediately say, that does not know how to make beautiful photos of shadows, don’t use photoshop filters — all photos will be there as they are in life.

The shadows are Packed in is quite similar to the main collection box, only the box is different. In the set, as always, the black “boot”, brushes. Duster threw out almost immediately, the brush is not in use.

The number of shade.

So shadows are very beautiful bronze color, perfect for green eyes, but I think I will decorate them. Coarse grind, lots and lots of sparkling shimmer — it’s something that confuses a lot of girls in these shadows. We can’t call them silky, but in principle, quite acceptable.

Charming embossed in the form of a lion’s head, it seems to me a very nice bronze shade and the mane of a lion! Great.

As I wrote above, shadows are not unique but a beautiful bronze color, sometimes of how enough pigmented. Shimmer is quite large and predominantly Golden hue.

Swatch on the hand is done in the following way: from the top without the base, the bottom base Lancome, applied by brush with natural bristles.

At the window, daylight.The window caught the sun.

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Texture. The shadows of the coarse particles of shimmer too large and if I may say so — slightly scratchy. All the shadows I put on a database and these are no exception, even spotchem shows that they have the required resources. On it they become more saturated and brilliant. Actually revealed in full force. Base Lancome applied immediately a dense layer with no bald spots (natural paint brush), tushuyutsya well, even I — not a professional (yet😪 to say the least) to deal with them, podeshevev border matte light brown shadow. Shadows fall off, lower eyelid, is not critical, but still in the picture.

At the base, on my oily eyelids, the shadows do not stand up to a whole day — hours-to-5 begin to fade. But on my eyelids few shadows behave decently all day.

During the day, does not crumble and behave well😸👍.

Window, daylight, cloudy.At the window, daylight.Rasfokus, you can see how the shadows Shine.

Removed the shadow in any way to remove makeup, did not cause allergies, does get in your eyes (wearing contact lenses).

You can see how in General shadows look on the eyes.

Rating: 4

Price: 1800 RUB. (during Black Friday).

Summing up: good shade, beautiful color. But nothing unique or super-interesting, I did not see.

Thank you for your attention


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