Christmas Chanel professional makeup using funds from the Christmas collection Maximalisme de Chanel

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Good day, dear readers!

Today my post is again dedicated to the professional makeup. This time it was made with the help of products included in one of the most beautiful collections of past 2018 — the Christmas collection Maximalisme de Chanel.

So, I ask under kat.

Think Christmas collection 2018 a lovely French brand left nobody indifferent. Incredibly beautiful design, interesting textures, noble shimmer gold and a vintage metal and, of course, excellent quality-so I saw this Christmas Chanel brand. Do not stay aside from this good mood and I am. I have some tools from this collection that I love and often use. More interesting to me was to visit a professional make-up session with the involvement of this collection.

The session was evening, and besides, I at that time only just recovering from the seasonal cold, so photos will not be very much, but I will try to convey an exciting atmosphere of the process and the beauty of the collection.

The photo without makeup.

Cleansing make-up artist Daria used the old familiar water holyblue Le Tonique protected from contamination. I already mentioned it in the previous post about the Chanel makeup. Water gently affects the skin, gently purifying and preparing it for follow-up care.

For around the eye area was chosen lightweightgel Hydra Beauty Gel Yeux. It is well imbues moisture the delicate skin around the eyes and that I particularly like, absorbs quickly, leaving no sensation of discomfort. Dark circles under the eyes become less noticeable. As a cream, which was to serve as a basis under makeup, Daria chosea balm for hydration, smoothing and radiance Hydra Beauty Flash. The tool is primarily designed for tired, dehydrated and dull skin that is often exposed to stress. Also you can use it in the offseason. It is clear that my tired of the protracted cold skin took this balm with great gratitude.

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The color became more uniform and less dull, I felt a pleasant inner glow.

Face after application of skin funds.

As a makeup Dasha used fluid Vitalumière Aqua in shade number 30, as this tool is well suited to the tired skin. Natural Lotus extracts and seaweed facial treatments, and water-based tools allows you to create thin, almost weightless coverage without mask effect.

Fluid Foundation Vitalumière Aqua

The fluid is very pleasant and does not feel on the skin. Skin soft and smooth.

The applying Foundation fluid

Dark circles under eyes makeup artist disguised with the help of a concealer Eclat Lumiere in shade 10.

The shading corrector.Face tone corrector fluid and

For fixing the tonal resources used compact powder Les Beiges in shade Medium Light. I definitely like the range of Les Bieges its soft texture and natural result. Will definitely come back for this powder, when will my compact powder from Guerlain.

Powder Les Vedeniapina utilize with the tonal resources

Eyebrow Daria scored using Stylo Sourcils Waterproof in shade 806.

Eyebrows turned out not too bright and very natural. Exactly the result that I was very satisfied. The pencil is convenient, it is not necessary to sharpen and brush on the other end, to gently feather the pigment, creating a natural effect.

Eyebrow shaping.

And finally, it was time very interesting. The emphasis of the makeup was supposed to be the smoky eyes, using all the four eyeshadows from the Christmas collection of the brand.

The basis for Smokey was the shade Cuivre 907 Lamè, feathered around the movable century. The shade is very beautiful, resembles aged bronze.

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Actually, all four shades in this collection are amazingly beautiful and comfortable to use. Each shade is beautiful in their own way and they all look very harmonious together.

The lightest shade 905 Electrum Lamè placed under the eyebrow and in the inner corners of the eyes.

Next on the middle mobile eyelid Dasha struck a khaki hue 906 Vert Lamè, shading it on a bronze base.

The darkest shade 908 Noire Lamè has restorefile on the lash line and on the lower eyelid, securing them lipstick Stylo ombre et contour balaganova in a beautiful shade 08.

Smudge the pencil on the lower eyelid.

Mucosa makeup artist brought Stylo ombre et contour in shade 08.

Made up makeup eyes mascara Le Volume Révolution. I mentioned this mascara in a previous post. It creates a very interesting effect just glued eyelashes, like the famous Twiggy.

Eye makeup was quite simple, but very effective and expressive.

Lip Daria suggested the use of neutral tones. I really liked the lip pencil Le crayon lèvres in shade 32.

The shade is just perfectly blended with my natural lip pigment. As the primary coating was chosen lipstickRouge Allure INK fall-winter 2018 in the shade 168.

For sculpting the face Daria used powder Les Bieges with a natural looking tan in shade 25.

The final touches of makeup become stunning highlighter Le Lion de Chanel Christmas collection and blush Joues Contraste fall-winter 2018 in the cold shade 440.

In order to combine eye makeup and face and create a single ensemble, the remnants of the blush from the brush with a sweeping gesture struck under the eyebrow.

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And that’s what happened.

Makeup was bright, bold, but at the same time restrained and elegant. I love smoky eyes and this option will definitely really liked me. I am very glad that the makeup gave the opportunity to get acquainted with the beautiful Christmas collection of the brand Chanel and try on this exquisite image.

Thanks for read my post, I hope you found it interesting.

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