Christmas Clarins: Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil #09 Red Berry Glam

Cristmas ideas

Generally Сlarins — it’s not about me, almost from the word “quite”. By tag you can see how I’m not a fan of this brand. Somehow all the past as something boring, something very wrong. No, stamps happen interesting seasonal launches, but in my opinion very rare. But to the point. As, for example, in the case of Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil #09 Red Berry Glam. This oil-balm I spotted the first promo and decided that it was time for this product to try finally.

The oil in these miniature jars came out a few years ago and is constantly updated in various seasonal collections, but this Christmas it interested me. Maybe its shimmer? It’s me and varnishes, shimmer I buy much faster than just cream))

So, juicy berry-red color with an abundance of large Golden shimmer. #coprotagonista !!!

I specifically waited for the setting sun (very rare in our gray edges) to show oil Shine in all its glory. Of course, it is only in the tube, and never happens on the lips. And whether it is necessary? No, of course. Imagine 10 Monday morning, a meeting with the management of the company and such extravaganza. Well, Clarins and Clarins to the fact that there is no discos there never happens.

A miniature bottle 7 ml. Consumption is not particularly noticeable. I think at my rate of spending “labial” means I have it for a year or a little more.

The short rod, which is an impressive furry spatula. It is convenient to apply the gloss on the lips. No need to dip into the tube, enough that would remain on him from both sides.

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Layering makes no sense — no color, no sequins additionally will not, and lips will slide.

Just feels sticky texture, but the bounds of decency. Hair is not to say that sorely stick, but not ideal behavior, of course. Very bright sweet scent of berry cake, stays on the lips for a while.

Despite the fact that this oil-sheen on the lips and lasts a long time in the cold serves as a good protective agent. But no more. Nothing will restore, but will protect. Will give a very light color, like Tinta. From the first minutes of applying is almost no shade, but after 15-20 min it starts to slowly appear, literally a tone and a half, and the lips become brighter. When removing this tone leaves instantly in the mouth eats.

Gloss PTS cool, mirror.

At sunset the sun takes on a warmer hue. Close to shimmer slightly visible:

And here is the Swatch in everyday life — simply berry shade. There is already a good apparent color (my native pigment lip very weakly expressed). And Yes, glitter is also a bit visible. But just over long distance you won’t see.

That’s the whole extravaganza — just light Shine:

And in a General way. Addition to the Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil #09 Red Berry Glam bright eye makeup:

By the way, the brand is expected to interesting spring, in my opinion. I’ll be waiting.

And what are you looking after yourself from the Clarins Christmas?

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