Christmas flash Mob “Secret Santa” – reports, greetings, gifts

Cristmas ideas

First and foremost, I congratulate all with new year! I wish to ALL! 🙂

So come the day, the day reports flash mob “Secret Santa” while everyone’s sober, it’s time to share experiences, stories, and not very funny, and most importantly, do not forget to show a present 😉 Please write a few words about your surprise, share a picture, I think your Santa will be VERY pleased to see that his gift pleases the recipient, because he worked so hard.

Do not take photos, please personal data, telephone numbers (addressee, sender on the box) is no good it has no led. We’re here for the content 🙂

I received a notice and run for a parcel!

After a long stredni in the mail, we found each other
and now we’ll always be together..
what is there??!I hope something is not fragile 🙂

Meeeeeee. Do you have parcels?

Please send us Your photos, stories about packages testimonials about the organization of the flash mob in particular.

P. S. Many have already received their gifts, some still waiting, but ALL is sent. I have proof. Well done! If you have any questions about your package not arrived, the postman does not give, and so on — please contact me in PM, we will try to solve the problem.



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