Christmas kits, or three for the price of 1. Set Lancôme Hypnose

Cristmas ideas

It got its name as in the transmission of teleshopping)

Earlier I about 5 years I have built up the lashes and the mascara I didn’t need, lay some to darken the bottom lashes, but this amiss either, if only without the allergies. But this case bothered me and there was a question about buying mascara. I remembered that I liked previously, and among them emerged mascara Lancôme Hypnose.

Good luck, ink is sold in a set with miniversal lipstick and eyeliner.

Let’s see what action, and with it the impression on me mascara, well and with it the bonus products.

I’ll start in order, that is, primary product from the set — Mascara Hypnose 01 noir.

The mascara has a classic brushed silicone brush, though, is that now considered a classic? The ink is quite fluid, it takes some time to paint.

I would describe it as lengthening, volume special not worth waiting.

Quite in General, the working ink can easily be washed off, but to remove its traces never leaves.

Almost does not stain the eyelid; Gently looks on the lashes; Not smeared/flaking/imprinted Express volume is not achieved

The lower photo presents a General ink in one and two layers, but there is no difference absolutely

My rating 4!

Next, we consider the pencil by Lancome Crayon Khol 01 noir.

In principle, the makeup I use pencil, except that as a substrate under the shade or underscore milesnick.

Arrows I love to draw, I prefer this eyeliner, because the pencil does not give clarity, durability and brightness.

This pencil is quite soft to the substrate will fit perfectly.

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Normal working version, I have a pencil quite often printed on the lower eyelid, so there is the same result if you apply it as an arrow the entire length of the century.

Rich black color; smooth nonessentials on the lower eyelid

In General, my evaluation is 5, because I use it only as a substrate.

And last product is a classic red lipstick Lancôme l’absolu rouge 132 caprice cream of excellent quality.

Lip I have now is not in the best condition, but its creamy texture it smooths out, even has the body qualities. Not too stand in the power of the creamy texture, will leave prints everywhere, but a light snack will survive. To update without problems.

Amazing rolling application; apply a little amount of quality; a Beautiful cool shade; does Not spread over the contour is subnet!

Great lipstick colors without dancing with tambourines,rating 5!

So looks at the world with pencil Very cute toy formatrecovery cool with a blue undertone. I accept for themselves only these are red.Full image with all products

Discount price 1899 RUB,

my rating 5. And how are you? Cosmetic susceptible to such suggestions?

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